Luxury encapsulated from Yves Saint Laurent Beauté

A few weeks ago I very kindly got invited to an exclusive beauty launch from the luxurious cosmetic brand, Yves Saint Laurent (YSL) Beauté. I know what your thinking, far from YSL I was reared and you’d be right. So you can understand my sheer excitement when the invitation popped up in my inbox. The select group of attendees, mainly makeup artists, journalists and bloggers were invited to attend for an hour of what I can only describe as makeup heaven. I’m not going to lie I felt slightly out of my depth and kept having to pinch myself. I’m by no means a beauty expert or makeup artist but am incredibly interested in the art of makeup application and the power it has of boosting people’s confidence.


I’m blown away by the sheer talent of some makeup artists and their ability to produce masterpieces. I’m convinced some of these people are born with makeup brushes in their hands. I’ve had a love of all things makeup ever since I “tried out” my mothers lipsticks as a child. I also adore anything beauty related as you probably know by now and believe in the importance of looking after and prepping your skin with regards a good skincare routine.


Upon entering this exclusive event, we were met by the incredibly talented makeup artist Fred Letailleur. The talent and eye for detail he possesses is simply awe-inspiring. He talked us through some key looks and the new product launches. He also had a flawless muse to work on in the form of the stunning Roz Purcell. Honestly, she is even more stunning in real life and blessed with incredibly chiselled features (not jealous, not jealous at all lol).


I snapped the entire event over on my Snapchat but held back some pictures to be included in this review. We also very kindly received a very generous goodie bag full of the latest YSL beauty products to take home and yes I felt like all my Christmases had come at once. I have only managed to use these products a few times over the past few weeks as I’ve been too ill to move let alone apply makeup. I found them absolutely stunning when I did use them, pure luxury and definitely in my stash of “good makeup for special occasions”. The products I kindly received in my goodie bag were, two vernis à lèvres vinyl cream lipstick’s, a fusion ink encre de peau cushion foundation, a couture eye marker, the experts bi-phase eye and lip make-up remover and the top secrets lip perfector.


Vernis À Lèvres Vinyl Cream Liquid Lipstick – €33.00

I am all about rocking pink or coral coloured lips. They seem to be the best shades to complement my skin tone and clothing (yes my wardrobe is a sea of pinks and corals). Red tends to wash me out and nudes do absolutely nothing for me. These long wearing liquid lipsticks have a lovely creamy texture and are highly pigmented. The diamond-shaped applicator makes application a breeze. Although pricey they are just beautiful to use, a real treat for the lips. They are available in 12 beautiful shades.


Fusion Ink Encre De Peau Cushion Foundation – €45.00

This cushion foundation was a first for me, another beauty innovation straight out of South Korea. It’s basically a big sponge that holds together a lightweight fusion of skincare and makeup, think foundation mixed with hyaluronic acid and spf. This beautiful emulsion builds to a medium coverage and can be worn on its own or on top of your foundation. I tried it both ways and have to admit I was very impressed with the results. It sets into the skin beautifully and doesn’t sit in any crevice or pore. The foundation also has a satin finish and is surprisingly long wearing. It is on the expensive side of things but looks and feels wonderful on the skin. I wouldn’t be able to afford using it as an everyday foundation myself as I’d just go through it too quickly and at €45 a pop it’s pricey. Don’t get me wrong if you have the money go for it but for me it’s a nice treat for use on special occasions. It comes with a sponge applicator but I prefer using my trusty blank canvas F20 makeup brush to apply it. When it comes to an end it can be easily replaced with a refillable insert and is available in six shades. These refills can be purchased for €35. I was colour matched by Fred himself to shade 60. My skin would be warm with olive tones so I’m surprised they don’t have any available for darker skin tones. The way the compact is constructed helps keep the sponge moist whilst also preventing bacteria getting into it.


Couture Eye Marker – €29.00

One thing I constantly struggle to master is creating the perfect cat eye flick. I just can’t seem to grasp it whatsoever and have flung many an eyeliner across the room in sheer frustration. There’s nothing worse that having your eyeshadow looking perfect to then have it completely destroyed by a big wonky blank line or smudgy non drying liquid. Anyway I’m happy to say I’m getting a little bit better at it with thanks to this easy-to-use marker pen. The size of the pencil combined with the rigid nib makes drawing the flick much more manageable. It also wears nicely and doesn’t smudge. I also suffer from oily eyelid syndrome lol but I’m happy to report that this liner stays firmly in place without having to top up. It’s no €5 budget eyeliner pencil but it is far more superior in quality. Unfortunately sometimes you gotta pay the price for quality.


Expert Bi-Phase Eye & Lip Make-Up Remover – €29.00

When it comes to removing my eye makeup I tend to stick to my trusty cleansing balms, cotton pads or muslin cloths. I tried the cult favourite Lancôme bi-phase eye makeup remover in the past but just couldn’t develop a liking for it. I also find it extremely difficult to remove some lip stains from my lips due to the wonderful long-lasting pigmentation found in many lip products nowadays. This particular bi-phase makeup removing solution makes removing stubborn waterproof mascara and long-lasting lip colour a breeze. I found it gentle to use even on my sensitive skin and eyes. Is it an essential product? No, not really but I like using it to remove the highly pigmented products from my face. It’s very easy to use and comes in a very handy portable sized plastic bottle.


Top Secrets Lip Perfector – €34.00

Ok your probably thinking €34 for a lip balm? Jog on sista! This balm is so much more than a lip balm. It’s a perfect base to apply lipstick onto and keeps lips hydrated. I also find it great for popping on top of my matte lip glosses to add moisture and shine. It also contains salicylic acid that lightly exfoliates the lips which will be great during lip chapping season. Shea butter also keeps the lips supple and soft. It’s definitely something you need in your pocket as you linger sheepishly under clumps of mistletoe this Holiday season.

Overall my experience of the event and products from Yves Saint Laurent Beauté was very positive. It lived up to all expectations I had with regards quality and innovation. Yes the products aren’t the most purse friendly but they are sheer luxury. Everything from the packaging to the quality of ingredients oozes class.


I would highly recommend trying these products and to also keep an eye out for when they are on offer. I actually picked up their false lash effect mascara and moisture glow base the very next day on Debenhams online as they had 20% off across the brand. I had been so impressed by these products at the launch that I knew I had to invest in them further.  YSL Beauté is available to purchase from Debenhams, Brown Thomas and Arnotts.


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