The Body Shop – Frosted Plum

I have a major love affair with The Body Shop ever since I was a teenager, having bought my lip balm and sweet-smelling body sprays there. I love what they stand for and how much they give back to the community. I also love the fact that they actively promote not testing their products on animals.

I absolutely adore their vitamin e, coconut, cocoa butter and most recently oils of life ranges. I’m also still partial to the strawberry and vanilla ranges as they smell amazing, good enough to eat. Now older and wiser (I hope) I still get really excited trying out their new products. I was at the Irish Blogger Association birthday party last Sunday and there was a stall at it from the body shop. I heard so many wonderful things about the frosted plum range that I had to give it an oul sniff and I quite literally fell in love there and then. It smelt good enough to eat, sweet but delicate. I was so captivated that I had to go into the body shop on Grafton St after the party to treat myself to a set.


The plum shaped tin that houses the set

The set I picked up was called the frosted plum feel good tin priced at €29.95. I know it’s a bit pricey but luckily I had a discount card to use against it. I highly recommend picking up one of their loyalty cards too for extra little discounts. The Plum shaped tin itself is so funky looking that’s what really caught my eye, I’m a sucker I know. The giant plum contained four trial sized products from the frosted plum range which included:


The inside of the plum shaped tin

Frosted plum sugar scrub 50ml

I really like the body shops body scrubs as they are super sticky and packed full of organic sugar cane. They are great to use on the skin and very gentle for those of us with sensitive skin. You only need to use this twice a week or so to really remove dead skin. It smells wonderful too which always helps.


Frosted plum sugar scrub

Frosted plum body butter 50ml

If there was only one product that I had to choose from the entire body shop collection, it would definitely have to be their award-winning body butter. You would quite literally have had to live under a rock to not have heard of these amazing body butters. They are packed full of the best cocoa/shea butters and babassu oil which leaves the skin feeling silky smooth and nourished. Many a beauty brand have tried to replicate these body butters but none have succeeded. This body butter is delicately scented with the beautiful aroma of plum which leaves the skin smelling wonderful. It is not overpowering in smell and absorbs nicely into the skin.


Frosted plum body butter

Frosted plum shower gel 60ml

These sized bottles are fantastic for bringing away on holidays as they are under the 100mls limit allowed whilst flying. They may look small but a little certainly goes a long way. I am a sucker for sweet-smelling shower gels especially this frosted plum one. I enjoy applying it to my skin in the shower before I hop into bed as you are left with a beautiful delicate scent on the skin. I generally wash my body with a proper unscented body wash first to remove all nasty odours. I am just very careful with applying fragranced products to intimate areas as they can irritate the skin. I then applying the nicely scented shower gels to my arms, legs and belly. I would also advise to avoid using it on the facial area as facial skin is much more sensitive than the skin on your body.

Frosted plum shimmer lotion 60ml

This is a great lightweight lotion for applying to the body after showering. It helps lock in moisture and also adds a beautiful delicate plum scent to the skin. Using this in conjunction with the shower gel will have you smelling delectable. It also leaves a slight glisten to the skin and is such a beautiful, delicate cream to use. It absorbs into the skin much quicker than the body butter.


The frosted plum body care range

As you can see I’m a bit in love with this range. I’m now eyeing up the frosted plum candle. I’m a divil, I know. This set can be picked up in any body shop store but is only available over the festive period. Unfortunately you cannot purchase from the body shop online in Ireland which is a shame 😞. The only way to purchase is to pop into their stores. This would make a fantastic Christmas pressie for one of the girls or a little treat for yourself. Who doesn’t like a bit of pampering?


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