Sliding your way into summers hottest shoe trend

I love walking around in my bare feet but obviously when I go outside I’ve gots to protect those tootsies and wear shoes. So I was beyond delighted to see sliders/slides being the new summer shoe trend to hit the high street. I had a bit of a nose online to see if any tickled my fancy, gotta love online shopping. Lo and behold (shock horror I know) two pairs instantly jumped out at me screaming, buy me Avril! buy me! I decided they needed a good home and obviously if I didn’t like them I could just return them, right? Most importantly I must point out that both pairs of shoes were on sale, I’m just so economical these days. Maybe I should change career, get paid to shop or become someone’s personal shopper…

Ok, firstly some of you may be wondering what the hell are these sliders/slides thingies? Well putting it simply, they are a backless open toe slip on shoe. They are mostly flat or contain a small heel and can either be dressy or casual. Casual being the sporty poolside shoe that is an alternative to the beloved flip-flop. Instead of thongs sticking between your toes these ‘sliders’ contain a strap that you just slip your foot into. I hope that makes sense. I’m useless at describing these types of things, so it’s picture time. The sliders shown below are from a collaboration Rihanna did with Puma a while ago however other big sports brands have now got in on the action.

Puma X Rihanna fenty leadcat fluffy sliders

Slides on the other hand are the dressy version composed of more durable materials like leather or cheaper synthetic lookalike materials. Although I have seen the two terms being used interchangeably. Confusing the matter even further, I’ve also seen these shoes being referred to as mules even though mules have a closed toe – so many names, so much confusion! The shoes I’m going to show you today are more slides than sliders. Why can’t we just call them slip on shoes? It would make things so much easier. These ‘dressier’ shoes can be worn with trousers or skirts. I can’t seem to wear high heels anymore so they are a nice alternative. I don’t know if it’s an age thing or just my broken body but I just can’t handle uncomfortable shoes these days. Don’t get me wrong high heels are stunning but on other people not me. I never thought I would ever utter those words but I just did.

The first pair of slides I purchased are these pink and white embroidered shoes from New Look (these are called mules on the new look website). I bought them last week in my usual UK size 5 but they were a tiny bit too small lengthwise so I decided to return them for a UK size 6 which fit perfectly. My advice would be to go up one size with new look shoes as I find they run small. These shoes are surprisingly comfortable. The top part (pink) is not rigid and will loosen with wear. If you suffer with fallen arches these shoes unfortunately aren’t for you as they offer no support whatsoever. They also have a flat sole. I don’t know the exact materials these shoes are composed of but it’s definitely not leather. They cost €18 on sale down from €37.99 and are available and in stock online from a UK size 4 to a UK size 9. I particularly like their colour and they fit really well, close to the shape of the foot.

Pink embroidered mules from New Look

The second pair of shoes are from Boohoo and are called the Melissa diamante embellished slider. They are available in grey, white (called Amelia), black, lemon and pink but are selling out quickly. Boohoo also don’t tend to restock so once they are gone they are gone. I purchased a pair in pink last week that got delivered to my door the very next day. They were reduced from €16 to €11. There only seems to be a few pairs left in stock (in pink) in a UK size 3, 4, 5 and 6. The shoes, well to me anyway look more peach in colour than pink. They are very pretty and extremely light. I love the added diamantes as you can get away with wearing these at night-time going out. The embellishment adds a bit of glam to an otherwise casual shoe. If you are going on holidays this summer these would be perfect to throw on when going out at night. My usual UK size 5 fits perfectly so no issue with sizing here. They are also composed of synthetic materials but are very comfortable. My only slight concern is how they would be with a big sweaty foot in them. To me they look and feel like sparkly flip-flops without the toe part though.

Melissa diamante embellished slider from Boohoo

I was browsing Penney’s latest offerings on Thursday evening after a hospital appointment, you know purely to stock up on some pj’s and I may have drifted up the escalator into the shoe section. I swear they have moving floor’s that just guide you from one area to the next. Upon browsing the shoe section these little beauties caught my eye. I know, I know I just bought two pairs of shoes online but these looked so pretty and comfortable and were priced at something ridiculous like €9. Yes they are made of synthetic materials and will probably fall apart with wear but they were so cooling on my warm feet, even my beloved cons weren’t keeping my feet cool. At €9 I couldn’t say no. I love the mixture of pretty colours used in their design and the mirror detailing. They are also available in a darker version with black accents which are nice too but I wasn’t going to push my luck after all I had an eagle-eyed hubby standing right beside me. My usual sizing was spot on here too and they had a good few left on the shelf but as you know with Penney’s the stock just flies off the shelves.

Colourful slides from Penney’s

Overall I’m very happy with my few purchases. I know they aren’t made of quality materials and will probably fall apart but if I get the summer out of them I will be happy. They are a happy medium for me, serving the purpose of being a shoe whilst also making my feet feel somewhat free. They are also very pretty, will go with a lot of my outfits and didn’t break the bank. So my question to you is, will you be rocking this slider/slides/mule – or whatever name they are called trend? I have seen some far out looking designs anywhere from spikes and ruffles to fake fur and glitter. I don’t think I’m that brave although you can never say never. I suppose that’s the beauty of fashion, anything goes!

All the shoes were purchased by myself. I have no affiliation to any of the brands mentioned above.


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