Precious Nature with Almond and Pistachio by Alfaparf Milano

Cleansing shampoo, normal shampoo, conditioner/leave in conditioner, hair treatment, hair balm, hair oil, the list goes on and on. That’s just a simple breakdown of the many types of products a woman can use each and every time she washes her hair. You thought skincare was complicated, welcome to the wonderful world of haircare. Never underestimate just how taxing a job washing hair can be and that’s even before drying and styling it. It’s not easy maintaining such luscious flowing locks. My own hair and scalp have really been affected by this illness and the heavy medication I am taking. I have lost roughly half the thickness of my hair over the past couple of years. My scalp seems to have a mind of its own with regards its constant need to shed and don’t get me started on the dreaded daily itch. At one stage I was afraid my hair would all fall out but thankfully it hasn’t. I am now very conscious of looking after my ‘crowning glory’ with the best quality and affordable range of haircare products that suit my particular hair type.

When it comes to buying shampoo and conditioner it is easy to just pop some into your basket whilst doing the weekly shop. It has only been through trial, error and on advice from hairdressers that I personally have learnt just how damaging some supermarket haircare products can be. They mostly contain a large amount of harsh chemicals i.e. sulphates which can destroy the quality of both the hair and scalp. At the start of the year I set about on a quest to discover a more gentle, natural range of haircare. Whilst undertaking some research I came across a lovely PR called Eileen. Eileen is a fountain of knowledge when it comes to haircare and I had a great chat with her regarding my own hair concerns. She very kindly sent me out a selection of products to see if any of them would help combat my hair and scalp issues. I will be featuring the other haircare brands and products that I have tried over the coming weeks.

One particular collection of haircare products that really made a huge impression on me was the Precious Nature Almond and Pistachio collection by Alfaparf Milano. This beautiful range of 100% natural products contain no sulphates, parabens, paraffin, mineral oils, synthetic dyes or allergens. The Almond and Pistachio range itself was specifically developed for use on coloured hair and contains three different haircare products each with its own specific use.


Precious Nature Shampoo with Almond and Pistachio – €11.05

This shampoo was developed with the aim of preserving the rich tones in hair colour and producing shine. Pistachio essence was chosen as an ingredient for its anti-oxidant properties and almond oil to help keep the hair looking and feeling silky and smooth. I have been using this shampoo over the past number of months and I have to admit I’m extremely impressed by it. It is reasonably priced and smells wonderful, not too overpowering and is nice and gentle to use on both the hair and scalp. It does not create any product build up, is not heavy on the hair, lathers up and rinses out easily. I really enjoy using it and have gone on to repurchase it a number of times. A bottle of it now resides permanently in the shower. I have a sneaky suspicion I’m not the only fan of it in my household as the bottle seems to be getting lighter by the day.

Precious Nature Leave-In Spray with Almond and Pistachio – €11.05

Enriched with pistachio essence and almond oil, this affordable spray helps prevent the sun fading coloured hair. I applied this spray to towel tried hair (and comb through) during the summer months and felt it added an extra level of nourishment and protection to the hair. The lightweight formula is non greasy, non sticky and absorbs easily into the hair shaft. A few spritz of spray is all that is needed to achieve results and I’m happy to say I still have half a bottle left to use. I have since stopped applying the spray as it has now entered the colder months so I have opted for hair oil instead. If you are going on holidays this would be a great product to spritz in your hair as you laze by the pool. Oh how I wish I was lazing by a pool right now. One can only dream.

Precious Nature Mask with Almond and Pistachio – €11.05

This hair mask once again contains the main almond and pistachio ingredients and is an intensive strengthening treatment for coloured hair. It is essentially a conditioner but a bit heavier in consistency. This luxurious treatment helps keep hair colour looking vibrant whilst also adding extra shine. I tend to apply this mask once a fortnight to the lengths and ends of my unwashed hair, tie it up in a bun, leave on for a few hours and then wash as normal. I find this method adds a deeper level of condition and softness to my hair. I also discovered that daily use (as a conditioner) proved too much for my hair as it made it look quite flat and greasy. Using it as a treatment more so than a conditioner works best for me and I would suggest the same protocol for those with fine hair.


All in all I had a very positive experience using the Precious Nature Almond and Pistachio haircare range. The only difficultly I had was trying to source where I could purchase them myself. I located a few salons that stock them over here (one being Pelo hairdressing in Newbridge) but I tend to order mine from via parcel motel. Although slightly more expensive than most supermarket haircare brands I justify purchasing these products for the quality of ingredients, not containing all those nasty chemicals and the guaranteed results. Yes the leave in spray and hair mask are not necessarily essential products to have and are somewhat seasonal but the shampoo itself is suitable for daily use throughout the entire year. It is even nice and gentle to use on temperamental scalps.


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