Portable smartphone charger

I will hold my hands up and admit I’m not the most tech savvy person but something that really gets on my goat is my constantly dwindling phone battery. An inherent part of being a blogger means basically living on social media and as a result being on my phone and hearing the dreaded beeps of low battery. Unfortunately, I always find the exact time I really need my phone it has gone completely flat. I was absolutely delighted to receive a handy little gadget in the post to review from the lovelies at JDM products that promised to greatly improve my blogging life.

So what is this beacon of hope you may ask? Well quite simply it is a portable smart phone charger. Yes I’ve tried numerous portable powerbanks, chargers, you name it but none have really been powerful enough to keep my phone going all day especially a day full of blogger events. I was quite intrigued to be honest of the simple little pink box by Box products and if it would surpass my expectations. I decided to plug it in straight away using my phone charger in order to fully charge it up. You can also use the cable provided and plug it into your computer via the USB port to charge. I knew I had a busy day the following day with a blogger event so decided it would be the perfect time to test it out.


This streamlined 3000mAh portable charger consists of a lithium polymer battery which is both smaller and safer than the standard lithium-ion battery. Its slim design is perfect for fitting into your pocket or in my case the inner zip compartment of my bag. It also has a non slip outer surface which I find quite useful especially if you’re in any way accident prone like me. Another thing I really like is how simple it is to use and that it doesn’t heat up like some chargers do. There is absolutely no complicated instruction guide to follow or even actual buttons on the device. It is capable of charging a smart phone twice with just one full charge. Small indicator lights are present on the charger that represent 25% values. To access these you simply shake the charger and they light up. The battery is fully charged when all the blue lights are illuminated. It is not limited to phones and is suitable for charging any USB port device such as a camera or a wireless game controller. The hubby verified this and was extremely happy with the results.


I brought the charger along to the blogger event the following day where lo and behold my phone battery neared the dreaded 1% bar. I simply plugged my phone into the portable charger and watched it go. I even lent it to the girl beside me as her phone battery was completely flat and she was traveling home to Galway and needed a fully charged phone. I have to admit this nifty lightweight gadget now comes everywhere with me. I even have to hide it away from the hubby as he likes using it to charge his PS4 controller. The cheek I know!


It is available in black, grey and pink and costs €30 from Harvey Norman. There is also a version for tablets which has a larger capacity and costs €50. I think these would make wonderful Christmas gifts as they are both functional, aesthetically pleasing and reasonably priced. With all the selfie taking, snap chatting and tinder swiping these days it’s no wonder your battery runs out so quickly. This little gadget would appeal to all ages for its simple and practical use and I would highly recommend investing in one.


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