🍍🌴 Popical of the most tropical🌴🍍

I just love having my nails painted and i always feel naked when I’ve no polish on which quite honestly is a rare occurrence for me. I think having your nails painted is a fantastic way of expressing yourself or tying together an outfit. I find the process of painting my own nails very therapeutic and would quite happily spend hours getting them just right. Yes I’m one of those people who meticulously puts on a base coat, two thin layers of coloured polish then finishes it off with a top coat.

My artistic talents are quite limited when it comes to nail art with the exception of the odd love heart or poka dot. During the year I stumbled across a fantastic nail bar in Dublin called Tropical Popical which is quite literally the happiest most colourful nail bar you’ll ever experience. Owned by the super glam Andrea Horan this leopard printed pineapple loving haven has the best team of nail technicians on hand 😉 to give you the prettiest nails and the best nail art I have ever seen. I was quite lucky to get invited in to be a hand model for the day while Jenny practiced her nail art skills on my wonky (Yes I have extremely wonky fingers) hands.


Just wait until you see the infamous nail polish wall!. My dream is to have my own wall of every coloured nail varnish under the sun just like Tropical Popical quite generously boasts. The whole process of sitting getting your nails painted, listening to “coco jumbo” being pumped out of the stereo, munching away on a bounty bar and sipping on a coconut shaped cup of lilt instantly transports you to a sunny happy place. It would most definitely cheer you up and put a smile on your face.


The wall of (Dreams) coloured nail polish

The girlies here are super talented at drawing and decorating just about anything on your nails. Jenny painted six wonderful designs on my nails from lobsters to outer space. I thourinly enjoyed myself and have returned on a few occasions since. I would be there more if I wasn’t so ill and could muster up the energy to get into town. I demand a Tropical Popical on wheels ha ha 😀. I would highly recommend a visit purely to lift your mood or just cause but make sure you book well in advance as it is very sought after and appointments fill up fast.


Nail art design by Jenny


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