Nügg face masks

Nügg face masks are the brainchild of former CEO and president of Tweezerman International, Conny Wittke. This incredibly talented woman has her ear set firmly to the ground with regards the latest beauty trends. As she traveled quite a bit (due to her line of work) she noticed the need and a gap in the marketplace for high quality face masks that were not only easy to use but travel friendly. If you travel a lot, especially by plane, you will understand the toll it can take not only on your body but your skin. A mixture of fatigue and being exposed to recirculated air can wreak havoc with your skins moisture levels. Bearing this in mind, Conny went on to develop a handy pod* style package that housed an individual face mask. Perfect for skincare on the go. Not only was she passionate about creating a no fuss, easy to use product but she also wanted the formulations to be as natural as possible.

A selection of the individual pod masks

Nügg was launched in 2014 and has since become an award-winning skincare brand. All of their products are over 93% natural or naturally derived and formulated without mineral oils, parabens, synthetic fragrances and colours. They are also a female run company who pride themselves in giving back to the community and various charities. The company ethics and overall vision of creating quality skincare really appeals to me. Their values sound right up my street and to be honest sound like an amazing brand to be involved with. I only wish they would open up a store over here.

“Our promise is to always treat people with kindness, to do business in a kind way and give back to people who are in need. We believe in working hard, doing the right things for the right reasons and in being humble.” – Nügg Beauty

I had first heard about Nügg on the grapevine at the start of 2016. If you follow me over on Facebook you will know I have a serious weakness for face masks! The downside at the time was they were only available to purchase on the US market. Luckily by May 2016 they were introduced into the European market through Selfridges & Co in the U.K. Although not quite Ireland, I could still purchase them and get them delivered via my parcel motel address up in Northern Ireland. As soon as they became available online, I placed a sneaky order. As delivery proved to be quite expensive, I opted to keep my order small so I ordered a face mask set priced at £13. This set contained a selection of four face masks, hydrating, soothing, exfoliating and deep cleansing. I also liked the idea of trying out a few varieties before investing in a full box of face masks. Face masks can be funny things. I have discovered through trial and error that some brands suit my skin whereas others cause my skin to become extremely aggravated. I firmly believe in trying out a sample before using any new skincare brand. I know this is not always possible so for such circumstances these variety sets are perfect. As this brand was new to me, I was both excited and a little bit nervous in placing my order. I have broken down the rest of this post into individual sections, discussing each mask from the set and my opinion on each.

The inner contents of each pod once the cover is removed. Pictured here: the soothing mask

Hydrating face mask 

My number one skin issue is dehydration. Even if I up my water intake it will still cry out for more moisture hence the reason I am particularly drawn to skincare that promises to hydrate the skin. This hydrating mask was the one mask out of the entire set that I was most looking forward to trying. It contains camellia seed oil, spirulina and aloe vera to help replenish and hydrate the skin. I must point out that I personally found a full pod’s contents too much (as there is so much product) so instead I use half of the formula one night and the other half the following night. As you can’t reseal the pod once it is opened, I tend to pop it in a zip lock bag and store it in the fridge to keep fresh.

The mask itself is very gentle on the skin and leaves a nice smooth and dewy glow. It also does not contain any strong fragrance and is composed of a non-drying formula. When my skin is in need of some serious tlc I tend to apply this mask just before I go to bed and leave it on to soak into my skin over night. I then wash it off with tepid water in the morning. I have repurchased this mask over and over again since first trying it out. My skin really likes it and I like the look and feel of my skin after use. I would tend to use one pod every second week or so as one pod does me for two consecutive days. I also mix up my masks or multimask depending on my skins needs. A box of five (of these masks) would generally last me a few months. This mask is also great to use any time of the year as both the warm and cold weather can dry out the skin. I think overall this would be my favourite Nügg mask and a great all-rounder. I also like that the mask itself is lightweight and does not clog or block pores.

The hydrating face mask

Soothing face mask

The hydrating mask and the soothing mask are quite similar in the sense they are both incredibly kind and gentle on the skin. They are both soothing and cooling but I feel the soothing mask is more designed for winter use or for those with exceptionally dry skin as it contains shea butter. The mask is slightly heavier in consistency too but leaves a nice soft texture to the skin. The addition of chamomile and aloe vera help with any redness and inflammation. If you live in colder climates then you will love this mask. Having said that the mask could double up as a good aftersun product too. I personally find if I over apply products containing shea butter, my pores become blocked and I tend to break out. I personally see this mask as a more intensive treatment for use every once in a while particularly during hot/cold weather conditions. It would also be very good in treating peeling skin.

This mask can be applied to the skin and removed with a damp face cloth after 15 minutes or left on the skin overnight for a more intensive treatment. It is a handy face mask to have on hand and I have repurchased it quite a few times. I tend to use it sparingly and share a pod with Kevin so we can both benefit from it.

The soothing face mask

Exfoliating face mask 

I am not going to lie, the word exfoliating sends shivers down my spine. I have had many a negative experience with exfoliating skincare products that I now thread with trepidation. I know the importance of exfoliating the skin but when you have sensitive skin you have to be über cautious with the method of exfoliation you use. Exfoliating masks even with careful use have damaged my skin in the past, so much so my skin was left red raw. I was left covered in spots and had the angriest looking enlarged pores. I was even stopped by a skincare consultant in the airport that insisted I throw out whatever exfoliating product I was currently using as it was stripping the oils from my skin. I am not going to get into it or name name’s but the product was an exfoliating face mask that anyone who is anyone raved about. Come to think of it I don’t hear much people raving about it nowadays.

As you can imagine I was a little nervous trying out this exfoliating mask so I left it until last to try. I figured the other masks might give me some sort of indication into how my skin would tolerate this specific mask. I have also learned through trial and error that acid masks specifically fruit masks suit my skin better than masks containing large exfoliating particles. These large particles prove too harsh when applied to my sensitive skin. Although this mask contains teeny exfoliating particles you can barely feel them. I am also against the use of plastic microbeads in skincare. These beads get into the water systems and eventually end up out at sea where fish consume them. They do not degrade over time and can cause havoc with marine life. Most countries have banned the use of these particular microbeads which makes perfect sense as there are plenty of other options with regards biodegradable microbeads readily available. I must point out that Nügg don’t use these particular plastic microbeads.

On first application I found this mask pleasant on my skin as it contains gentle ingredients such as natural jojoba crystals, cranberry seed oil, apple extract and a natural form of lactic acid. Dead skin is removed very gently from the face and the result is a nice smooth complexion. This particular formula does not dry into the skin but remains moist. I know experts recommend exfoliating your skin weekly but even that is too much for my skin. I generally exfoliate twice a month. Being honest, although this mask is nice to use, I have discovered my skin favours a different brands exfoliating mask over this one. That mask does not contain any exfoliating particles whatsoever but fruit enzymes. I just feel it is suited to my skin that bit better than this particular mask. I tried this mask out a few times but price wise the other mask comes in cheaper per application so consequently I haven’t repurchased it. That is not taking anything away from the quality of the product, it is a good face mask but I just prefer an alternate mask.

The exfoliating face mask

Deep Cleansing face mask 

The deep cleansing mask is a nice cooling mask to apply to the skin. It boasts jojoba oil, cucumber and aloe vera among its top ingredients. Each ingredient being incredibly gentle on the skin. There is enough product in the pod to cover your face liberally although I would tend to use this as a second cleanse or for times when I am not wearing any makeup. The ingredients are too good to just wipe off and not allow adequate time to fully absorb into the skin. This is also a mask you would only use once a week or once a fortnight as it could become quite expensive if you were to use it daily. To apply the mask you simply scoop out the entire contents of the pod and apply to the entire face and neck being careful to avoid the eyes and the lips. To get the maximum benefit out of the mask I would suggest leaving it on the skin for a good 10-15 minutes so that your skin can fully absorb the wonderful ingredients. To remove the mask, gently wash it off using a damp muslin cloth or tepid water.

I find this mask particularly nice to use when I  am on a sun holiday or after sun exposure. The pods are lightweight and sealed whilst also adhering to flying regulations so can be easily carried in your hand luggage. The mask itself cools the skin nicely whilst also adding some much-needed moisture. It does not aggravate sensitive skin nor does it contain any strong fragrance. The formulation remains moist and does not dry out. A handy tip I picked up is to store the pod in the fridge so it is even more cooling when applied to warm skin. As a deep cleansing mask it is nice to use as a treat especially during the summer months when the heat of the sun help’s bring impurities to the surface of the skin. Thus clearing out your pores. In the winter time I would favour a more heated coal mask to help draw the impurities out or opt for the soothing mask to replenish the skin. It is a great little mask that really refreshes the skin without drying it out.

The deep cleansing face mask

Overall I find these Nügg face masks fun, convenient and gentle to use even on sensitive skin. I particularly like the package design but I would love to see a resealable lid being added to the container. They are now available to purchase in Ireland through Beacon Pharma and Meagher’s Pharmacy. In terms of price, a single mask (pod) comes in at €3.95 – €4.50 (depending on where you buy it) which is a little expensive if you use face masks a lot. My recommendation is to try each face mask individually before buying one of the larger packs to see how your skin will react. The larger packets contain five masks (pods) and are priced at €16.45. Happy masking!

* each pod (excluding the foil lid) is composed of PETG and fully recyclable

These products are cruelty free

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