Newbridge Christmas Emporium

Last week I attended the Newbridge Silverware launch of their Christmas emporium located out in their beautiful visitor centre in Newbridge, Co. Kildare. It was my first time to visit the premises and I enjoyed it even more seeing it was Christmas themed. I know the very idea of celebrating Christmas in September may seem a bit absurd to some but I fully embraced it as I am a sucker for anything festive. I was allowed bring a guest along with me so I brought my Newbridge jewellery and Christmas loving mother-in-law Marian. Let’s just say we were both like two kids in a candy shop. I think we both had permanent cheesy grins on our faces the entire afternoon.


Whilst nibbling on some seriously delectable treats and avoiding the many cameras (still managed to get myself snapped) I got to chat to some amazing people. I met the fabulous James Kavanagh who is an absolute sweetheart, had a chat with Noel Cunningham about how wonderful sitting down to Christmas dinner is and caught up with some blogger friends. I also got to chat briefly with the very down to earth and genuine Rob Kearney and Glenda Gilson. I know little old me rubbing shoulders with all these famous faces. The ambience was warm and friendly with Christmas songs being sung by the beautiful Bugle Babes. I had actually seen these lovelies perform before at a friend’s wedding. They are so retro and have beautiful voices.


Kev and I have a collection of Newbridge Christmas decorations that adorn our tree every year. We generally pick up one or two decorations each year to add to the ever-growing collection. They mean so much to us and we generally choose them together or receive them as a gift from a loved one. They are absolutely beautifully designed in intricate and tasteful detail. Seeing as I was in the Christmas shop and home of Newbridge silverware, it was only fitting to pick up a few beautiful decorations. Newbridge typically carry an all silver coloured range of decorations but this year they created a few rose gold coloured decorations seeing as the colour is so on trend. I picked up one of these beauties along with the special edition decoration for myself and a few other decorations as gifts.


I have a few beautiful pieces already from the ti:amo collection, (which I recently reviewed) but my eye was once again drawn to this collection whilst browsing the showroom. I think I could literally wear every single piece from the collection. They are simple, fun and youthful. The simple but elegant designs with silver and rosegold finishes certainly captured many an eye at the event itself. I even laughed and joked with some ladies from RTÉ as I was wearing my pieces from the collection which inspired others to buy them. They joked that Newbridge should give me commission ha ha. The two pieces I picked up for myself were the rose gold be irresistible bangle and the rose gold beaded bracelet. I also picked up a few other pieces from the collection as gifts for my friends and family so unfortunately I cannot attach pictures of these. I can’t be spoiling the surprise for them.


The rose gold-plated bangle has the words ‘Be Irresistible’ engraved onto the outside surface. It also contains a charm like ring attachment containing a disk inscribed with the same slogan, an infinity symbol and a heart charm. It is secured with two clips and measures a wrist diameter of 61mm. It is priced at a reasonable €40 and would make a great Christmas present for one of the girls.


I had been eyeing up the rose gold-plated bead bracelet ever since the collection was released but had wanted to see the quality of it in person before I committed to buying it. Let’s just say I wasn’t disappointed when I finally got to try it on. It didn’t appear flimsy and felt quite secure. The 26 beaded bracelet is simple but stunning and is just the right size to get noticed on the wrist. I find it perfect for stacking with the ‘Be Irresistible’ bangle. It measures 165mm and contains a 50mm extension chain. This bracelet costs a reasonable €30 and is great for stacking or to simply wear on its own.

Overall I really enjoyed the entire experience and even went to have a browse around the museum which contained some wonderful famous garments including the legendary Santa suit from miracle on 34th street. I was also delighted to meet the fab Marie (marketing manager) in person to thank her for sending me out the pieces from the ti:amo collection and the very generous voucher to give away. If you haven’t been to the showroom and museum I highly recommend a visit even if it’s to feel sickened by just how teeny Kim Kardashian actually is or see the legendary Michael Jackson’s  outfits.



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