My first spray tan in two years

For me personally there’s nothing better than having a nice glow to my skin. I always feel that extra little bit more confident with a little tan on. Unfortunately whilst being sick and having absolutely no desire or energy to put on tan, I’ve been left looking quite pasty. I’ve also not seen the sun in well over a year. Trust me i would give Casper a run for his money ha ha.

I haven’t had a spray tan done in about two years. It can be a lovely treat and can really take the hassle out of tanning. I know putting on tan can be extremely labour some. Sometimes, well most of the time it involves a varying degree of contortion to get all places covered. It may also involve said husband or partner too. Like how the hell do you get in between your shoulder blades???

Anyway enough of my rambling on. A lovely lady called Kathy contacted me asking if I would like to try out her tan. As I was going to a christening and the beauty show last week I thought why not. She has been in the business a long time with her professional tan and is now releasing a home tan called “Tan in a can”. Her company is called Champagne tan supplies and she does spray tans from her house in Rolestown, Co Dublin for a very modest €15.

She very kindly treated me to a complimentary spray tan and take home “tan in a can”. I have to say she is an absolutely lovely lady and said she wanted to cheer me up which is so sweet. I haven’t had a chance to try out the “tan in a can” yet as I’m waiting until all my tan has been removed so I have a blank canvas to work with. I will review that over the next few weeks. For now I just wanted to show you the pics of my arm before my tan, a day after application and seven days later.


Before tan, Day one tan and Day seven tan

I have to say I was pretty happy with it. It didn’t dry out my skin and is wearing away nicely bar my wrist where my watch does be. You can get it done in three shades, sparkle crystal, vintage and cognac diamond. I opted for the vintage colour which was lovely and dark but not too orangey. For further information please contact Kathy on 0874189845.

She also does great deals:

               1 Spray – €15

               2 Sprays – €25

               3 Sprays – €35

               5 Sprays – €50


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