Moisturiser, what’s that?!

Hello again from a maler shade of beauty!! Wifey got some fantastic news this week that her blog (that I hijack sometimes!! ;-)) has been shortlisted in the best organic beauty category of this years Irish Beauty Blog Awards. To say I am proud of her is an understatement. We know there is little chance of her winning as she is up against some massive names, but to be up there after less than a year in action is incredible. It has also been a little while since either Avril or myself have put up a proper blog post. SORRY! Let’s just say things have been a little bit mental here. Avril has not been well at all and even ended up in hospital for 4 days from which she is still recovering. Fingers crossed however she will start feeling a bit better soon and has the energy to write some more of her fantastic reviews. Let’s just say there are enough lotions and potions around the house to have blog posts for the next few years!

As mentioned in my last post, a few months ago, I have a dermatological condition called keloid scarring. The main treatment for this relatively misunderstood condition is a course of  steroid injections and a medication called Roaccutane to stop any underlying acne. The belief is that acne pustules above and below the skin when ruptured can cause this scarring to occur. Roaccutane is extremely harsh on the skin and internal membranes, lets just say that is the reason I now snore every night. The skin can get extremely dry and overly sensitive which can last long after treatment has ended. Essentially, I was a big dry flakey mess. Prior to this, I never really used any mositurising creams, apart from maybe some after shave lotion. As a result, I did not know where to start, all I knew is that the skin on my face was starting to get extremely sensitive from years of acne medication and ointments. Avril gave me some of her creams to try out, but some of them were either too strong and irritated me, too heavy and felt like my skin could not breathe or too floral in scent.


On a subsequent visit to the dermatologist, she suggested looking into the La Roche Posay range of skin care to see if any suited me. Sheepishly I walked into the local Boots store only to be confronted by a wall of skincare products with no idea which one to choose. Luckily a sales assistant, seeing an extremely confused, very flakey man staring blankly at a wall of products came to my aid. Obviously pitying me, she loaded me up with what could only be described as a small mountain of samples. Slowly but surely, feeling like a giant as I slathered miniature tube after miniature tube of cream on my face. I got through the pile and found one that I really liked. It was called Hydreane Legere. This cream turned out to be a lifesaver. It is really light in texture, easily absorbed into the skin, smelled really nice not overly feminine and did not irritate my sensitive skin. This product although not a bargain is nowhere near the price of some premium creams. It costs €15.49 and is currently on offer as part of the 3 for 2 deal in Boots. I tend to stock up when this offer is on. Whilst not being on any treatment anymore, I have incorporated this cream into my morning and night-time ablutions. Ok maybe not every morning or night, I am a man after all, it’s tough, I forget!! This skin care malarky is all new to me. Wait until I get my head around cleansers, toners, masks and serums. There will be no stoppin me then!



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