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I came across the bath, body and skincare brand, Miss Patisserie* one evening as I was browsing the Boots Ireland online store. I was interested to see they produced a range of bath balls similar in structure and consistency to Lush’s bath bombs. I am a big fan of Lush bath bombs as it is but was very intrigued to see another brand producing similar products. I will hold my hands up and admit, I cannot fully enjoy a bath without having some sort of bath bomb or bath melt in it. I think they just add to the overall pampering experience. I was  incredibly interested in hearing more about Miss Patisserie, their ethics and products that I reached out and contacted the company directly. I had a great conversation with a very helpful lady who provided me with all the information I required and even offered to send me out a little hamper of goodies to try. Of course I could not say no to such a thoughtful and kind gesture. A few days later a gorgeous parcel arrived on my doorstep containing a selection of bath and body products from the brand. I have been trying out these products over the past couple of months and have now used each product in its entirety. There was absolutely no onus on me to review these products but since I had such a positive experience with the brand and think some of you might enjoy hearing about them, I decided to write up this little post.

My bath and body goodies from Miss Patisserie

Tonka Bean Dry Oil – €8.46 for 100ml

I don’t think I have ever smelt a body oil quite as delicious as this tonka bean dry oil. It  consists of an incredibly soothing and nourishing base of rice bran oil, jojoba oil and shea butter that is delicately topped off with beautiful notes of sweet vanilla, tonka bean and mandarin. This easily absorbed oil leaves the skin looking hydrated and feeling super smooth. The beautiful aroma enveloping the skin in what can only be described as a warm summer’s evening spent on a tropical island.

The individual oils that make up this beautiful concoction consist of a selection of nourishing, repairing and soothing vitamins and minerals that greatly benefit the skin. Rice bran oil which is rich in Vitamin E can help to reduce the appearance of both stretch marks and scarring whilst also promoting cell growth. Jojoba oil (one of my favourite natural oils) is rich in both zinc and selenium which can also help to reduce inflammation and promote wound healing. Shea butter is also added in to the mix to keep the skin moisturised and supple.

Tonka bean dry oil

I really enjoyed using this body oil and got a good 10 full body applications out of the 100ml bottle. The spray top makes application easy. I tend to apply it quite generously to my entire body after a long soak in the tub. It feels great on the skin and does not leave that greasy feeling some body oils leave behind. I am also happy to report that it does not aggravate my skin rashes in the slightest. It also makes me smell incredibly delicious while I toddle off to bed. Would I buy it myself? Yes I would. The oil not only feels nice on the skin but smells wonderful too.

Sweet Orange Bath Shard – €5.08

I had never seen nor heard of a bath shard until this landed in front of me. In essence this shard is a bath melt disguised as a shattered piece of slab. It is composed of skin nourishing ingredients, cocoa butter and shea butter which help soothe and moisturise the skin and Vitamin E to aid in cellular repair. It is also delicately perfumed with uplifting sweet orange essential oil. To use this product, you simply break off some of the shard and pop it into the warm water in your bath. It melts slowly so you have time to massage the soothing butters into your skin. I got a good six baths out of the entire shard. The surface of the shard is also gently sprinkled in bath crumble to add a little fizz as it dissolves. Who doesn’t like a bit of fizz in their lives?

Sweet orange bath shard

Personally I prefer bath balls rather than bath shards. I enjoy the dramatic fizzing show more than the slow melting process of the bath shard. It is a funky type of bath melt and if bath melts are your thing then I would suggest giving this a go. Sadly as nice as this product is it did not really woo me so I don’t think I will be purchasing one anytime soon. It was fun to try out but did not really appeal to my needs. This does not make it any less of a product it just did not appeal to me personally.

Rosie Bath ball – €5.08 (190g)

Rose and bathbomb, two of my favourite words to hear mentioned together, well in this case bath ball (same thing). This little ball of fizzy fun makes your bath appear pink and smells wonderful. The rose geranium essential oil contained in this Rosie bath ball leaves a beautiful delicate scent and slight oily residue behind on the skin. I am a massive fan of rose based products as it is as my skin seems to love this particular soothing ingredient. The ball also contains rose petals that are released as the ball dissolves in the warm water. I love this hidden surprise. The whole fizzing show the bath ball creates as it dissolves completely captivates me.

Rosie bath ball

Not only does this Rosie bath ball look good but it smells good too. It is gentle to use on even the most sensitive of skin. Would I purchase it? Yes I would. I am already contemplating placing a sneaky order as I write this. If rose is not your thing then I would not really suggest trying it. I know when it comes to rose as a fragrance, people generally either like it or hate it. I know I always receive a mixed response online anytime I mention rose based products. If like me you love all things rose then I definitely would recommend treating yourself to one.

Happy Bath Ball – €4.40 (190g)

I was very interested in trying out this particular bath ball as it contains a beautiful concoction of all things fruity. As I am a feen for anything citrusy, the addition of sweet orange essential oil instantly grabbed my attention. This happy bath ball was the first out of all the products I received to try out. Developed with notes of mango and papaya along with sweet orange, the scent alone would bring a smile to anyone’s face. It is both invigorating and vibrant without being too overwhelming. Although it does not contain nourishing shea or cocoa butters like the sweet orange shard, the addition of sweet orange oil and mango seed butter leaves your skin feeling nice and soft. Once dissolved the ingredients form a creamy mixture that feels wonderful on the skin. I am not sure of the exact purpose of the poppy seeds whether it is purely cosmetic or the small seeds act as a mild exfoliating agent.

Happy bath ball

I really enjoyed trying out the happy bath ball and will definitely be purchasing a few to have stockpiled in my bathroom cabinet. Would I recommend it? Yes, definitely. It is uncomplicated, highly effective and will cheer you up. It is definitely a bath ball to have on hand during those ‘challenging’ days when you need some tlc and cheering up.

Miss Patisserie skin, body and bath products can be bought online from their own website and over on the Boots Ireland online store. Just to note shipping to Ireland from Miss Patisseries online store is pretty pricey costing £7. One way to reduce this cost is using parcel motel or parcel wizard. Otherwise a selection of their products can be bought over on the Boots website (prices vary slightly).

* All Miss Patisserie’s bath and body products are 100% vegan and are free from GMO’s, parabens and mineral oils. They strongly believe in the importance of using only natural ingredients and are 100% cruelty free.

All products were kindly gifted to me to try out. There was no onus on me to review and I have no link or affiliation to Miss Patisserie.


  1. 6th November 2017 / 9:22 PM

    I’m very intrigued by the Tonka Bean Dry Oil. But all the products lool yummy!

    • apalershadeofbeauty
      7th November 2017 / 1:38 AM

      It smells so good and doesn’t sit on the skin like some body oils do. Fingers crossed Boots will get it in stock as I don’t fancy paying £7 delivery from the official miss patisserie website x

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