Mavala Nailactan Cream

I got a lovely manicure in Dublin Nails just before Christmas and let’s just say I was extremely embarrassed by the condition of my nails going in. I have really noticed that being ill and on medication has resulted in my skin, hair and nails suffering badly. My nails were so weak, splitting and I had open sores around my cuticles (just horrible really).

The nail technician recommended I try Mavala nailactan cream. This cream rubbed into the cuticles/base of nails daily for four weeks followed by every second day for two weeks should help restore and strengthen the nail. It was quite expensive at €23 but I felt so embarrassed by my nails that I decided to bite the bullet and give it a go. I was not really holding out much hope for it to work miracles but now a month later I have been pleasantly surprised by the results.


Ok so here is the lovely science bit. The nail plate itself is composed of three layers. The outer layer tends to get effected the most by the elements and chemicals that come into contact with our hands daily. The nailactan cream is made up of proteins, vitamins and lipids which help strengthen the overall structure of the nail. Personally I have noticed my nails feeling a lot stronger and they are certainly growing longer. It has been a long time since I have had long nails. I am not noticing any cuts around the nails either. Overall I am very impressed with this product. The only downfall for me is the price tag. I think €23 is quite expensive for a nail cream but having said that if your nails were as bad as mine you would have paid anything to get them looking healthy again.


Mavala nailactan can be purchased in all good pharmacies and is recommended for use at bed time so the cream can soak through the nail overnight.


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