Amy Huberman and Newbridge Silverware Luna Collection

A few weeks ago I was lucky enough to be invited to the launch of the newest jewellery collection by Newbridge Silverware. The new collection christened Luna is based around the elements of the sun, moon and stars. What is more exciting is that the entire collection was created by a mystery guest. All I could deduce from the intriguing invite was that the creator was a firm favourite of Newbridge Silverware. To say I was excited and a tad curious was an understatement. I am not gonna lie I eagerly counted down the days to the big reveal.

Newbridge Silverware and Amy Huberman, Luna Collection

Finally the day (17th of October) came to attend this intriguing event and I could not help but feel a sense of excitement and anticipation wash over me. My wonderful mother-in-law came along as my plus one. She is an absolute doll and I am so lucky to have her in my life. I think we both fed off each others excitement as we both arrived at the Newbridge showroom giggling away like two teenage girls. All was revealed to us upon entering the museum of style icons. We got to have a sneak peek at the new Luna collection in its entirety and also got to hear the motivation behind it by the fabulous creator herself. It is no great surprise that the beautiful Amy Huberman was the face and inspiration behind this new collection. She was heavily involved in the entire design process, a first for Newbridge Silverware. Each beautiful intricate piece of gold plated jewellery evoking a beautiful memory which she hopes will resonate with others. In the interview orchestrated by the legend that is Ann Doyle, Amy explained her love affair with all things sentimental and dainty. She also has a serious love of charms since a very young age and highlighted the importance of symbolism in each one of her creations. Her dream is to be able to walk down the street and see other women enjoying and wearing her pieces. I think that dream is definitely going to come true!

Myself and Amy, Anne Doyle and Amy and some pieces from the collection

I had the absolute pleasure of chatting to Amy later on in the day. I can happily report she is even nicer in the flesh and is so down to earth and eloquent. There is something about her that oozes sunshine and warmth and it is no wonder everyone has fallen head over heels in love with her. I saw a great tweet after the event where someone summed it up perfectly “Amy is the type of person all guys want to be with and all girls want to be like”. She is extremely driven and hard-working with her family being the apple of her eye. I have no doubt everything this inspiring woman will touch will turn to gold and you know what she totally deserves it to. It is so refreshing to meet someone so high-profile that comes across so natural and genuine.

A few pieces I picked up from the collection along with a beautiful trinket box

I have to say apart from being completely captivated by the sentiment behind the collection, each piece was designed with such care and detail. The pieces themselves are dainty but still very sturdy. They are only available in a yellow gold finish to differentiate from the previous Ti:Amo collection and to meet the rising popularity of yellow gold in fashion. Price point they are very good value and would appeal to a vast array of ages. Prices start at a very reasonable €20 – €25 for earrings and at €25 – €40 for bracelets and necklaces. The collection itself is quite large housing 36 individual pieces, so there is plenty to choose from. I was ecstatic to receive two beautiful pieces from the collection at the event, these were a pair of star drop earrings and a little key charm necklace. As my birthday was looming, my mother-in-law very kindly purchased a few more pieces from the collection as part of my birthday present. She chose the beautiful feather charm necklace with matching bracelet and the envelope charm bracelet. To be honest these were my personal favorites from the entire collection as feathers have great meaning to both of us. I love being able to look at my wrist and neck and be reminded of my wonderful mother and father-in-law. Sure while I was at it, I also picked up the wishbone charm necklace and bracelet along with the star charm necklace and bracelet for myself. I saw it as a much-needed “treat yo self” moment. Let’s just say I left the showroom looking extremely blinged out 🙂. I have worn the feather charm necklace and bracelet continuously over the past number of weeks and I am happy to report that they are wearing really well. I must stress the importance of not letting any perfume etc near the jewellery as it can tarnish the gold finish.

The pieces I purchased from the collection

The entire Luna collection is available to purchase online and from most Newbridge Silverware stockists. I can definitely see these pieces being hugely popular this Christmas and are suitable as gift ideas for one of the girls, your mum and even as a treat for yourself. I know there will be one or two pieces going on my Christmas wish list.


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