Jo Browne Natural Solid Perfumes

I love perfume especially sweet-smelling fragrances. I am particularly drawn towards fragrances containing the likes of orange, bergamot and neroli. I think they just remind me of holidays and warm sunshine. I have been known to, on my weakest days to crawl out of bed to get a spray of fragrance to help lift my mood. Sometimes it just transports me for that brief few seconds, to a beautiful garden full of pretty colourful flowers with a bright blue sky and warm sunshine shining down. Never underestimate the power of fragrance to help lift your spirits.

I was delighted to come across a lady called Joanne Browne who makes a fantastic range of natural solid perfumes right here in Ireland. Joanne comes from an experienced reflexology and holistic therapy background. She has a serious passion for essential oils and has gone on to create beautiful, sensual and stimulating solid fragrances. All her fragrances are individually handmade using organic beeswax and essential oils. Joanne knows that good things take time and hence spends a good six months developing a fragrance. I quite admire people like that. It’s one thing to develop a product but to take time to play around with it until it’s just right takes some serious skill and patience.

Jo Browne natural solid fragrance

So what exactly is in these solid perfumes? Well ingredients wise none of the perfumes contain anything nasty. The likes of anything artificial or harsh on the skin are nowhere to be seen. They are 100% natural and all ingredients organically sourced where possible. The solid base of each perfume is made up of a mixture of organic beeswax, mango butter, jojoba oil, rice bran oil and vitamin e. All fantastic ingredients for the skin. The packaging itself consisting of bamboo is also natural and fits in perfectly with Joanne’s ethics and values.

Being a scientist I just love when I see that products have been assessed for safety and efficacy. Honestly, I think all skin care and cosmetic products should be. I know Ireland is a bit loose when it comes to regulation but I really hope this can change and regulation tightened. I believe this would greatly benefit both the consumer and the manufacturer. Joanne’s products have been assessed by chartered chemists and registered on the cosmetic products notification portal where all ingredients are up to date with EU legislation.

There are currently three solid fragrances in her collection, oriental note, sweet note and floral note. There is also a brand new male fragrance currently being developed for launch later on this year. Joanne kindly sent me sweet note to try as she knew I would be drawn to the sweet top notes of orchid, candy floss and citrus followed by a sweet heart with rosewood and neroli on a base of crushed vanilla pods, musk, almond and amber. Yes I know it absolutely screams me doesn’t it?

Sweet note solid fragrance

I have to admit on first impression the package looked tiny but I was assured by Joanne that the fragrance will last for months. The scent itself is beautiful and delicate, not too overpowering but has good staying power. It is sweet but not sickly sweet. I tend to apply the perfume to my wrists, inside of elbows and the very back of my neck. The scent really does last for hours and I find I do not need to reapply it. The hubby says he can still smell it hours after I apply it which is always a good thing to hear. I know people can pick up different notes in a fragrance and that it can wear differently on their skin. For me I get the beautiful scent of neroli and warm vanilla that lasts all day. It feels like a warm summers night in the likes of Hawaii or a tropical island. It’s both classy, feminine, sensual and warming. I completely love it. The small size of the container and the fact that it doesn’t contain alcohol etc means it’s safe to pop in your bag whilst flying. Also it means you don’t risk any nasty spillages in your bag. I had an awful experience of a perfume leaking all over my mulberry purse in a bag. Many a tear was shed.

The other scents in the collection are floral note and oriental note. I haven’t personally smelt these two fragrances but I plan to. Floral note consists of top notes of bergamot and grapefruit with middle notes of jasmine, tuberose, lilac, orange blossom and lemongrass. Sandalwood and myrrh form the base notes with a hint of green violet leaf. Oriental note consists of a base of sandalwood, clove, hazelnut and coriander with a fresh citrus top note of winter lemon and palma rosa enriched by pink pepper with spiced tea and honey. I’m still trying to get my head around the whole top, middle and base notes with regards the ingredients in perfumes and at what stage they release their individual scent. It’s an interesting area one that I could be good at seeing as I have a crazy sensitive scent of smell lol. I can literally smell anything from a great distance away, madness I know. These other fragrances sound amazing and I definitely need to get my hands on them to try out. Each solid perfume costs a very reasonable €18 and can be purchased online at


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