Flourishing with Flourish Organics skincare

” The essence of learning to be grateful is to learn to want what you have. “

Maureen Gaffney, Flourishing.

I was absolutely delighted to receive such a generous package of natural skincare samples to try out from the wonderful Klaus at Flourish organics. Flourish organics are an Irish owned company who make their own range of natural organic beauty products. Their products span from face and body care to a signature spa range. There is a wonderful selection of products to choose from including their sensitive range for those of us with slightly “temperamental” skin.


Klaus informed me that he supplies a lot of his products to people who are going through or have gone through illness. With reference to cancer patients he said that “customers who have been through chemotherapy find our range soothing and helpful”. This really appealed to me as I know how the skin can flare up when your ill and how reassuring it is to know that what you’re using on your skin is safe and won’t react with any treatment you are undergoing. The products I tried out were:

🔅Vitamin E face cream – €14.00

I absolutely fell in love with this beautiful soothing cream. It is packed full of natural ingredients including almond, hemp and olive oils mixed with the beautiful aromas of lavender, geranium and frankincense. I use this at night-time just before bed and wake up with beautiful soft skin every morning. This cream seriously rivals the body shops vitamin e cream and I will definitely be repurchasing.

🔅Eye Contour Cream – €22.50

This gentle eye cream is packed full of wonderful ingredients such as almond, jojoba, evening primrose and macadamia oils mixed with shea and cocoa butters to really help soothe and moisturise the eye contour area. The addition of arnica and horsetail reduce puffiness and help firm the skin. This is a lovely gentle eye cream and would be great for those of you with  sensitive eyes as it doesn’t contain any harsh or perfumed ingredients.

🔅Peppermint lip balm – €5.00

This wonderful balm of goodness contains almond oil, beeswax, cocoa and coconut butters mixed with peppermint and tea tree oils to give you extremely soft and kissable lips 💋. I put this on every night before bed and love the cooling feeling the mint provides. It absorbs wonderfully and has good staying power. I could definitely see myself alternating between this and my beloved Bia Beauty lime pie lip balm.

🔅Hemp & Macadamia face cream – €14.00

This is a simple natural cream specifically made for those who  suffer with overly sensitive skin. It is both fragrance and alcohol free. The cream although simple is highly nourishing containing both macadamia nut oil and shea butter. It may be gentle but certainly packs a decent punch in keeping dry skin moisturised. It is perfect for use all year round especially during the colder months or for use in hospital when the heat and air conditioning wreak havoc with the skin.

🔅Calendula Lotion – €15.00

This simple and non fragranced lotion is packed full of wonderful soothing and hydrating oils (almond, sunflower and olive) alongside shea butter and beeswax. The calendula oil itself is fantastic for treating dermatitis and severe dry skin. I found it particularly effective for use on my heals, elbows and knees which are always prone to dryness and cracking. I also apply some to the psoriasis on my scalp to help soothe it. This is the most popular product from the range that cancer patients area using.

🔅Peppermint foot lotion – €9.50

I have to admit I really neglect the aul tootsies (slaps self on wrists) but having used this foot lotion, I’ve completely changed my tune. Packed full of wonderful oils and butters your feet will be left thanking you. The peppermint and tea tree oils create a lovely fresh cooling feeling whilst also being antibacterial/antifungal. I apply this lotion at night-time just before bed, throw on a pair of socks and wake up with lovely soft feet in the morning.

(Takes a much-needed deep breath). Well that was some review there ha ha but I wanted to be as detailed as possible to give you proper information. Overall I really liked Flourish organics products and love how the ingredients are natural and organic. Personally the mint lip balm, vitamin e cream and foot lotion appealed to me the most. I’m particularly impressed by Flourish’s encouraging approach to providing great natural skincare for those of us going through or recovering from illness. I find they certainly tick all the right boxes and I will most definitely be purchasing from them again. If you would like any further information etc please contact Klaus at flourishcosmetics@googlemail.com or by visiting www.flourishorganics.com


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