Feeling settled

So after a MENTAL few weeks I can finally say I’m now settled into the parents place. I grossly underestimated just how stressful it is to move house. Myself and the hubby are now fully integrated into life with my Mam, Dad and brother. Oh not to forget the two doggies in the house too, Plec and Titch.


I think one of the most difficult transitions is to get used to everybody’s routines and respecting each others space. As much as I love my family they really have to learn to knock and wait as opposed to knocking and just entering. I know someday they will be met with a site for sore eyes ha ha. It’s fantastic having our own bedroom and sitting room. It’s important that we too have our own space after eight years of renting our own place.


With the help of myself, Kev and the parents we transformed the bedroom into a beautiful new, bright and relaxing environment. I wanted to really make my stamp on the place especially as I continue to fight illness and recover. I’m happy with the overall look and feel of the room and have attached some pictures for you all to see. All the furniture was purchased in IKEA, the soft furnishings in Home Store and More and Penneys. I hope you enjoy what I done with my little oasis. The sun shines in everyday so the room is always warm and bright, well except for the much-needed blackout blind to sleep lol.



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