Etsy Jewellery Shopping

I had heard some great reviews regarding  people purchasing beautiful little pieces of jewellery from online marketplace Etsy. The vast majority of the time I am up to date with all the latest websites and product releases and other times I hear of something, put it out on the long finger and then it goes completely out of my head. Well that is until I had a bit of a eureka moment (one sleepless night) a few weeks ago. So whilst lying wide awake in the early hours of the morning having absolutely  no luck whatsoever counting sheep or wishing the Sandman would visit, I started browsing the vast jewellery section on Etsy. Normally when I buy jewellery, I like to see it in person and try it on but for obvious reasons this is not achievable online. I think part of my new let’s embrace everything attitude has encouraged me to take a chance on things. Also having bought some Daisy London/Laura Whitmore jewellery online has installed some extra confidence in me with regards online shopping.

My beautiful purchases

The first thing I must say is when you do go on the Etsy website you will be met with an abundance of products. Each product beautifully presented and screaming buy me! There is some fantastic handmade homeware products, jewellery, children’s toys and other various art and craft supplies that are both beautiful and unique. You will feel a mixture of inspiration and guilt, guilt at not being naturally crafty yourself. Some people are just ridiculously talented with what they can make and do. I myself am not one of those people unfortunately. There really is something for everyone on Etsy and navigating the site is a piece of cake. You can even filter products by location so you can limit your shopping to say Ireland only. I quite literally had a very long browse to see if anything would catch my eye. Does it surprise you that something actually did? No? Me either! To be honest I am a sucker for all things shiny. It must be my inner magpie screaming to be let loose. As I did not want to go too crazy with my first purchase and the fact that my funds have been seriously curtailed, I decided to limit my browsing to some type of mint and silver necklace. I had seen one previously but it was pricey so I thought I could get something similar online but obviously not pay the horrendous price tag for it. I also have a soft spot for handmade jewellery.

After a good half an hour of browsing I stumbled across a dainty mint and silver necklace by Belfast based designer lilabelledesign. The owner Margo was absolutely lovely to deal with and kept a great line of communication open right from purchasing the necklace until I received it in the post. The necklace itself cost around the €30 mark and is composed of a sterling silver chain with a mint green glass pendent*. The necklace is dainty but sturdy with a nice sized gem pendent attached. Overall it is very pretty and the coloured gem really adds that pop of colour. It is also available in a variety of different coloured gems and finishes. I am currently eyeing up a beautiful gold necklace in the same design but with a pink gem.

Beautiful silver necklace with mint green pendent

So after such a positive experience purchasing the beautiful green pendant necklace, I decided to have another browse in the jewellery section of the Etsy website. This time for some pretty earrings. After conducting another lengthy browse, I discovered an Italian brand called Skietromart that produces beautiful handmade coloured glass stud earrings. I love colour as you can probably tell so decided to pick up three different sets of earrings,  one in fuchsia pink, one in coral and gold and the other in a glitter mix. I decided to go for the small 8mm stud size costing €9 each. I find that size to be perfect for me. They are not too big but yet you can still notice them. Communication between myself and Cristina was also fantastic and I received the order within a few days. I just love how pretty the earrings are as they do not overwhelm an outfit but simply complement it. The earrings also did not hurt my ears and felt lightweight on.

Fuchsia pink studs (with and without flash)

Glitter studs (with and without flash)

Coral and gold studs (with and without flash)

Overall my late night shopping experiences on Etsy were extremely positive and I would highly recommend browsing the many wonderful products on offer. Especially if you appreciate handmade items. I really like the personal touch which I think makes for great gift ideas not only for yourself but for a friend or loved one. I will definitely be making a purchase again, I just need to save up the much-needed funds first lol.

I have no link or affiliation to Etsy or any of the products sold on the website. I bought the necklace and earrings with my own money and received no discounted rate.

I would love to hear what you think by commenting below.