Cooking from scratch

Myself and the hubby have the most sensitive stomachs ever. He can’t eat anything with onion or onion powder in it or he will be crawled up in the foetal position on the floor with extremely painful intestinal cramping. It is like once the onion enters his body his stomach goes hang on a sec I can’t deal with this and tries everything to push it out of the body. My stomach loves simple uncomplicated food which is quite different from what my head and mouth desire. Generally if I eat something and my tummy doesn’t like it, I vomit (tmi I know).

Anyway over the years myself and Kev decided to start cooking some of our favourite dishes from scratch to see if one, we could still enjoy our favourite dishes without our tummies being sick and two, to maximise the use of fresh, healthy and nutritious ingredients in our diet. Through a lot of trial and error and also having to navigate our way around the oriental emporium, local farmers market and buying fresh produce from the butcher and fish monger, we’ve finally nailed it, well some dishes anyway.

I hope to feature some of our recipes from scratch here on the blog for you all to try out and enjoy. I promise to make them as simple and user-friendly as possible. I can guarantee once you put in a bit of effort you will never buy shop bought sauces, satchets or ready-made meals again. The flavour you get from the fresh ingredients will have your taste buds thanking you.

I personally find it great knowing what exactly goes into a dish and get a great sense of satisfaction when it all comes together. It is also a great way of knowing and controlling what your children eat and I’m all for having a bit of fun in the process. Also I must point out when you think fresh produce you may be thinking hmm costly but I’m here to tell you that is not always the case. Being honest we buy the majority of our fresh fruit and vegetables in Aldi or lidl. Butchers, fish mongers really aren’t as expensive as you might think and there is also great bargains to be had at farmers markets. I hope you enjoy reading (and cooking with) our recipes.


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