Clarins A/W 2017 Graphik makeup collection

You may have noticed lately that I have become quite the lover of all things Clarins. I have always been a fan of Clarins skincare but had not really delved too deep into their cosmetic range. I know it is awful to admit but I thought their cosmetic line was more aimed at mature skin. I have been happily receiving little packages containing both skincare and cosmetics in the post which I am not going to lie makes me incredibly giddy. The stunning red and gold packaging really appealing to my inner magpie and full on diva.

A glimpse of the Graphik A/W collection

I must point out that I have no link or affiliation to the Clarins group and receive no payment or pressure to review the products kindly sent to me. I know they do listen and value my opinion something of which I am grateful for. I always speak my mind when it comes to products I try out anyway but I just wanted to remain fully transparent as I know it is so hard these days to differentiate between someone giving their personal opinion and someone just trying to sell you something. The later most definitely not being me. I would make a crap sales person. Anyway this post is the first in a series of Clarins related beauty reviews as I just could not bundle them all together, the post would just go on for ages otherwise. So for this first post, I have focused on discussing some goodies from this seasons Graphik makeup collection.

Ombré matte eyeshadow – €24 each

Ombré matte eyeshadows in shades ivory (left) and midnight blue (right)

These individual ombré matte eyeshadow pots look and feel luxurious both from a packaging point of view and of course the eyeshadow itself. The eyeshadow formula is a mix of a cream and powder consistency that applies easily and has great pigmentation. The eyeshadow contains fine bamboo powder which is responsible for creating its matifying effect. These individual transparent pots with shiny screw top gold lids are certainly eye-catching and look very elegant.

Ombré matte eyeshadows in shades 09 (right) and 10 (left) with and without flash

The two shades I tried out were Ivory (shade 09) and Midnight Blue (shade 10). The Ivory being a delicate but beautiful luminous eggshell white colouring. Perfect for applying to the inner corner of the eye, brow bone or as a delicate unassuming eyeshadow base. It is a very subtle shade that becomes evident upon capturing the light. It is like a light dusting of glamour. The midnight blue shade is simply stunning. Personally I would not be naturally drawn to blue hues but I am delighted to have been introduced to this little gem. It applies as a nice smokey dark blue colouring but becomes alive emitting a beautiful pearlised glow when light hits it. It really is a stunning colour and I can see it being incredibly popular. I don’t think these eyeshadows are really suitable for day time use but would certainly look stunning on a night out or during the festive season.

Ombré eyeshadow swatches (with and without flash)

Blush prodige – €34

Blush prodige in shade golden pink

As soon as I clasped eyes on this beautifully presented limited edition blusher, I just knew we would be best friends. I am not ashamed to admit that I instantly fell in love with the stunning gold packaging. The golden pink shade (shade 09) of the blusher being delicate but flattering to just about any skin tone. Its finish being slightly iridescent which helps highlight the cheeks. The colour effect being warm and complimentary. It is like a healthy glow housed in a gorgeous compact, easily accessible and long-lasting. This blusher also contains bamboo powder which has a firming action on the skin.

Blush swatches with and without flash

I really like this beautiful but delicate blusher and believe it will really suit people with a fair to medium complexion best as it is quite subtle. I think darker toned skins may need more of a pop of colour to be noticed on their skin. As you can see from the swatches above, the blush is very natural and provides a hint of warmth. It is not overpowering, is easy to apply and feels nice on the skin. Personally I am not a fan of the little brush that is supplied with the compact but it is handy for transport purposes. The gold casing also incorporates a handy mirror which is essential for top up’s and keeping yourself looking glam on the go.

Four colour eyeshadow palette – €43

The forest eyeshadow palette

This extremely portable (quad) eyeshadow palette seriously echoes this seasons autumnal tones. It contains two green shades (which look grey to me) in two different finishes. One being a light and slightly satin shade and the other being a smokey shade with a slight shimmering finish. To finish it all off a dark matte grey shade and a light pink satin shade are added to complete the eyeshadow quad. Each shade complementary to one another and easily blendable to create a smokey eye look. A handy tip is to slightly dampen your eyeshadow brush when applying these eyeshadows to further intensify their pigmentation.

Each eyeshadow contains carnauba wax powder which helps promote a comfortable and long wearing finish. The packaging is also in keeping with Clarins signature luxury gold packaging and comes with a handy little mirror and double ended eyeshadow applicator. I personally don’t like using these applicators to apply my eyeshadow, I much prefer using a proper makeup brush but I do find them handy for applying a light shade to the inner corner of the eye and to add a further smokey eyeliner effect to the bottom lash line.

Eyeshadow swatches with and without flash

The shade of this particular eyeshadow palette is called forest which is in keeping with the green hues used in two of the eyeshadows. Having said that I cannot for the life of me pick up on any green pigmentation in this palette, Kev can however. It is amazing how everyone see’s colour slightly differently. I have swatched the eyeshadows (see above) both with and without flash to get a better feel for the colours. Don’t get me wrong the colours are still beautiful in their own right and create a stunning smokey eye look that can be used for day or night-time use. I would personally only apply the darkest shade to help deepen the overall look for nighttime use as it can create quite a dramatic look.

Lipliner pencil – €18 each 

Lip liners

These two lip liners perfectly compliment two shades of the joli rouge lipsticks mentioned below. They are both lightweight, easy to manipulate and highly pigmented. I must hold my hands up and admit that I am shocking when it comes to applying lip liner. I just get too lazy or simply forget to apply it but I really should. Even if it is to prevent my lipstick from bleeding. Each lip liner contains jojoba oil, a nourishing oil that is kind to the skin.

Lip liner swatches in shades 05 (bottom) and 06 (top) with and without flash

The two shades I tried out were roseberry (shade 05) and red (shade 06). Roseberry being a dusty pink colour and red being bright red. When it comes to lip liner, I am no expert so I will just let the above swatches speak for themselves.

Joli rouge lipstick – €24 each 

Three shades of joli rouge lipstick

These beautifully packaged lipsticks are even too pretty to use but what is the use in having a nice lippy if you cannot use it? I received these three beautiful shades perfect for this time of year to try out. I know lipstick is very personal and what may suit one person may not suit another. I cannot wear red lippy for love nor money. It just does not suit me. I know you may think but Avril you have dark features surely the colour red would look fab on you, nope! Red anything makes me look really pale. It draws the colour out of my skin rather than complementing it unfortunately. I am extremely envious of those who can really rock a red lippy.

Each one of these three shades are super pigmented, moisturising on the lips and create a lovely satin finish. I have swatched all three colours both on my lips and arm and found them to have good lasting power. Obviously due to their cream consistency they are not as hard-wearing as a matte lipstick. The lipsticks contain two wonderful ingredients, organic marsh samphire and mango oil. Organic marsh samphire helps retain water in skin cells which provides plump, super hydrated and moisturised looking lips. Mango oil is also extremely nourishing on the lips and creates a protective layer to help keep lips supple whilst also protecting them from harmful UV rays.

Joli rouge lipstick swatches in shades 756 (top), 755 (middle) and 754 (bottom) with and without flash

The three shades I tried out were guava (shade 756), litchi (shade 755) and deep red (shade 754). Guava a lovely deep coral, was my favourite out of all the shades as it suited my complexion the best followed by litchi and finally deep red. Litchi is an interesting smokey pink shade perfectly matched to the roseberry lip liner. I am still in two minds whether this shade suits me or not but I know my Mam has her eye set firmly on it. Deep red is a beautiful true red perfect for autumn/winter but as I mentioned above does absolutely nothing for me unfortunately. This shade perfectly complements the red lip liner mentioned above. Each lipstick applies beautifully and feels nourishing on the lips. That nourishing feeling really lasts and the lips appear moist and dare I say kissable. I personally would love to see more vibrant colours available within the range as they are a beautiful lipstick.

All of the Clarins makeup products mentioned above are now available to purchase at your local Clarins counter.

All products were kindly gifted to me with no onus to review. I have no link or affiliation to the Clarins group and am not receiving any form of payment for my review

I would love to hear what you think by commenting below.