Chupi jewellery

I got these beautiful “I can fly” swan feather necklace in rose gold and silver “love and joy” twine bow ring off Santa aka the Hubby for Christmas. It wasn’t really a surprise as I have been lusting after the necklace for ages and even dragged himself into the store to have a look at it. These beauties are made by the super talented and might I add award-winning Irish jewellery designer Chupi Sweetman. I am a huge fan of Chupi’s handmade jewellery and have been ogling over her entire collection all year but honestly could not afford to treat myself to a piece. So when the hubby asked what I would like for christmas I gently nudged him in her general direction. The entire collection is so beautiful with intricate detail and available in silver, gold and rose gold finishes.


The I can fly swan feather necklace is cast from a real swans feather collected by Chupi herself on the banks of the royal canal. This really spoke to me as my childhood home faces out onto the banks of the royal canal in Phibsboro. I always loved to sit and look out my bedroom window at the beautiful swans swimming so graciously along with their cygnets. Everybody on the street looks forward each year to seeing the new collection of cygnets. For me this necklace carries extra meaning. I have always adored swans and love the romance behind the idea of when they mate they mate for life and when one dies the other dies of a broken heart. This necklace is available in three sizes tiny, midi and maxi with prices starting at €119 for the silver (tiny) version. My particular necklace is the tiny rose gold version and cost €139.


The hubby purchased my necklace during Chupi’s black friday sale event where she was running a fantastic offer. When you made a purchase online you got a silver love and joy twine bow ring thrown in for free so this is how I came to acquire mine. I am not sure if it is still available to buy online or how much it costs. I could hazard a guess around the €120 mark but I could be wrong. The bow itself symbolises love and joy being tied together and the true strength love has that hold us all together.


I just love the sentiment behind each piece and the fact that we are supporting an Irish company. I think it is important to buy irish and support local business. I also love how each piece is handmade with time and energy being put into every detail. I also like the fact that not everyone will have the same piece as you. I know i will definitely be adding more pieces to my collection and look forward to seeing Chupi’s collection grow. For more information on stockists etc please visit I have just noticed there is a sale on some of Chupi’s pieces online at the Kilkenny Shop.


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