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As you all know by now, I don’t have the greatest skin in the world but I am making a conscious effort to look after and maintain it. I attended the beauty show in the RDS in March and had a great time wobbling around in my high heels (next year it will be flats for me) and introducing myself to various brands that I was interested in. A lot of these brands were not new to me as I had used their products in the past or had been sent some of their products to try out. My mission was to meet the people behind these brands so I could introduce myself and also thank them in person for kindly sending me out some of their products. I think it is very important to meet people in person as it can be so hard to communicate over email and the phone.


Bellapierre natural makeup

One brand that I was particularly interested in meeting was Biofresh Skincare. I had used their natural hair care products on my temperamental scalp in the past and had found them great. I also had a great chat with Ciara and she kindly invited me to pop out to her in their Swords branch for a complementary facial. With everything going on health-wise over the past few months, going for a facial was completely off my radar. So when I got a sudden surge of energy a couple of weeks ago I contacted Ciara and finally took her up on her very kind offer.


Natural skincare

Firstly before I tell you about my fab facial, I must give you some background information on Biofresh Skincare. So who are they and what do they do? Well Biofresh Skincare is an Irish natural skincare company set up by the beautiful Catherine Morgan in 2010. It came to be after she started questioning what exactly was in skincare and makeup products. She discovered that a lot of the products contained nasty chemicals which can both effect your skin and overall health. After doing some research to see what types of natural and chemical free products were on the market she quickly learned there was a serious lack of products available especially in Ireland. This sparked an interest in her to develop her own natural skincare products that cut out all of those nasty ingredients and produced wonderful results. She opened her first store in Drogheda and then went on to open her second store in Swords in 2014. Having only met Catherine for the first time when I popped into the store for the facial, I could tell even whilst chatting to her briefly that she was truly passionate about helping people with various skin conditions using only natural skincare and natural makeup.


Natural makeup from Bellapierre

All the beauty products stocked in store are natural and most importantly chemical and cruelty free. She only uses the best quality ingredients in her products that help promote healing and undo damage done to the skin. Every ingredient in her products was chosen with great care to serve specific skin care needs. As a scientist it is very important to me that beauty products meet quality standards so I was delighted to hear that her products are both clinically and dermatologically tested for their safety and efficacy.


A range of natural lipstick’s

Ok onto the wonderful facial (my favourite part). Well where to start, firstly Ciara brought me into an extremely welcoming, relaxing and comforting treatment room. I had to remove my top and shoes whilst also removing the bra straps from my shoulders. I was then asked to lie down on a bed and place a sheet over my body (to my chest level with arms resting out over). Ciara is such a lovely person with a kind soothing voice. We had little chats during the facial and she explained very clearly what she was doing and what exactly was being placed on my skin. As my skin is quite sensitive she used only the gentle rose products and a fab almond face mask. My facial consisted of a deep cleanse, light and gentle exfoliation, facial steaming and extraction of some pimples. I really felt my skin was treated gently and with great care. Although extractions are not pleasant she really knew her stuff and knew exactly the right pressure to use. At the end I had a fab facemask applied to my skin. While this was absorbing and doing its thing she gave me an extremely relaxing hand and arm massage. I don’t know what it is when you are tired, sick or in need of some tlc but having a facial and gentle massage can really make you feel so comforted and relaxed. I floated out of the treatment room with my skin feeling fresh and breathable. I also had a play around with the natural makeup range from Bellapierre and got colour matched. As I am extremely interested in natural makeup and becoming very aware of what exactly is in makeup, I decided to invest in two products from the Bellapierre range, the buildable BB cream and mineral powder. I will be reviewing these products separately within the next few weeks as I want to have a proper play around with them first


A snapshot of my visit


Price list

I also went on to purchase some products that were used on my skin during the facial. Catherine also kindly gifted me a cleanser and toner to incorporate into my skincare routine. I have been using all of these skincare products daily over the past two weeks and I have to admit im quite impressed so far. Of course they will need a few more weeks of use to get an accurate review of each product but I will keep you updated on when that post will go live. For now I would highly recommend taking a visit out to Biofresh Skincare in Swords or Drogheda. Even if it is only to get some advice or to sample some products. The staff are extremely approachable and helpful. They also offer various skincare treatments with the deep cleansing facial I received priced at a very reasonable €45. I wish to thank Catherine and Ciara for my very pleasant experience and for their kindness and generosity. For further information on any product or service please contact Biofresh Skincare on 01-8406698 / 041-9872860 or check out their website at

I was kindly invited in to the salon to receive a complimentary facial after talking to Ciara at the beauty show. She knew I was sick so wanted to do something nice to cheer me up. I purchased skincare and makeup products after my facial with my own money.


  1. 11th August 2017 / 7:29 AM

    I totally love all Biofresh products. Thanks for sharing.

    • apalershadeofbeauty
      25th September 2017 / 5:39 AM

      No problem. I love their rose based products. They are especially good for temperamental skin. X

  2. 26th June 2016 / 8:31 PM

    I’m dying to try the Bellápierre base, I’ve seen a few people rave about it. Siobhan xx

    • apalershadeofbeauty
      28th June 2016 / 11:11 AM

      Hey Siobhan I’ve been having a bit of a play around with it and so far I’m finding it quite nice. I need a few more tries of it etc to see how I feel about it lol. I like how it blends into the skin and how it leaves a nice dewy finish. I really want to try it out in hot sunny conditions to see if it will stay on my face or just evaporate off. I think that would be the real test. I’m liking how it doesn’t contain all the really bad chemicals in it too. It’s actually scary when you start looking at some makeup, the amount of crap pumped into it. You can spend so much time looking after your skin etc and then putting on a chemical laden foundation can just totally cancel it out. Ive only just started looking at the natural side of makeup so it’s really interesting me.

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