A Trio of Kiehl’s Skincare

Kiehl’s is a skincare brand that I have dabbled in from time to time. Being honest I do find their products to be on the slightly expensive side of things. Having said that I have discovered a few gems in their ever-growing skincare collection. Although a lot of their products contain natural ingredients they are still somewhat a fusion of science meets nature. Don’t get me wrong just because they aren’t 100% natural does not take away from how wonderful some of the products are. Would I love to see them develop a purely natural skincare range among their collection? Yes, as I think they have the knowledge and expertise to make it work. For now I have selected three of their skincare products that I have used and am confident to express my opinion on. The first being their ultra facial cream, a no-nonsense moisturising cream and their best seller. Secondly their turmeric and cranberry seed energizing radiance masque that smells as good as it sounds and lastly their midnight recovery concentrate that does all the work whilst you sleep.

Kiehl’s ultra facial cream, midnight recovery concentrate and turmeric and cranberry seed energizing radiance masque

Ultra Facial Cream – €28.50 for 50mls

The ultra facial cream is a staple lightweight moisturiser that I am sure many of you have had or do have in your skincare collection. It is incredibly kind to the skin even for those of us with sensitive skin. It is uncomplicated, nourishing, hydrating and is available with and without SPF. It is not surprising that this cream is one of their bestselling products as it does exactly what it says on the tin. I personally find it makes my skin feel soft and hydrated. It also does not contain any fragrance. The only thing that has turned me off using this moisturiser is the use of parabans in its list of ingredients. I think if Kiehl’s substituted these ingredients for more “friendly” ingredients then I would happily continue to use and repurchase it. As a slight aside, the use of parabans in beauty products is an extremely controversial but relevant subject. As a scientist I have read a lot of scientific and medical based literature over the years regarding the implication of said chemicals on the body. As with everybody else I do not want to have to worry about or scrutinise everything I am applying to my skin. I do not want to have to worry about the safety of the ingredients. I think we live in a particular age now where standardisation occurs but the efficacy of these standards especially in the beauty industry should be more tightly regulated. Unfortunately it is only after years of exposure to a certain chemical that reactions inside the body can become evident. After looking into this in some detail and without getting too political I think beauty companies should swap out these controversial ingredients for more natural preservative agents. I know some skincare brands have already done so without affecting the quality of their products. Sorry about the babble but I just wanted to let you all know where I stood on this. If the use of parabans in skincare does not bother you then you will love this lightweight, no hassle facial cream.

Kiehl’s ultra facial cream

Turmeric and Cranberry Seed Energising Radiance Masque – €35 for 100mls

I bought the turmeric and cranberry seed face masque on a whim after a fellow beauty blogger highly recommended it. Lord knows how much I enjoy a good aul facemask. I normally prefer the sheetmask variety as they are less messy but sometimes you just need a thick formulation full of goodness to sink into the skin. Not only do I find the whole ritual of applying the mask and observing it set intriguing but I also find it incredibly relaxing. My favourite part is during the lying down to let the mask set/have a little snooze stage. In terms of how long to leave said mask on, I like to be somewhat generous with my time after all I do want to get the maximum benefits out of the lovely ingredients.

Kiehl’s turmeric and cranberry seed mask

This facial mask promises to instantly brighten dull, tired looking skin by restoring a nice healthy glow. It contains both turmeric, an anti-inflammatory agent and cranberry extract,  a powerful antioxidant. Turmeric has really become my wonder ingredient lately as I take it as a supplement too. I find it really helps my sore tummy and eases digestion. What I really love about this mask is the addition of tiny cranberry seeds that help gently exfoliate the skin and remove dead skin cells. When it comes to exfoliation products my skin can react quite severely – the joys of sensitive skin. I have found using this mask twice a month helps with removing the dead skin from my face whilst also not aggravating my skin in the process. I tend to leave it on for 20 minutes until it is fully set and wash it off gently with tepid water. Be warned it does set and you can feel the tightness. I use gentle circle motions as I remove the mask so the tiny seeds can do their job and get rid of the badness. My skin is then left feeling squeaky clean and bright. I always have to apply a few drop’s of serum after use as I find my skin feels a little tight afterwards.

Me rocking the face mask

Midnight Recovery Concentrate – €44 for 30mls

The first time I tried the midnight recovery concentrate was a few years ago when I was working full-time and studying part-time. I thought if anything could help my exhausted demeanour, well quite frankly my face whilst I was briefly comatose during the night then this would be it. I have literally gone through bottles of this stuff over the years. The whole principle of this concentrate is to apply it at night-time when the skin is most receptive to repairing itself. As packaging goes this glass bottle is ridiculously appealing. I love its deep purple colouring and glass dropper. This elixir is composed of evening primrose oil – an excellent repairing agent, lavender oil – an anti-inflammatory and squalane – which restores moisture to the skin. For me personally, the scent alone is both gentle and inviting. It is easily absorbed into the skin and does provide a nice glow when you wake up in the morning. It is not going to remove wrinkles or make you look 10 years younger but it does make your skin feel soft and hydrated. Out of all the products I have discussed this is the most natural in terms of list of ingredients. I would be interested in trying this serum in combination with the daily reviving concentrate to see what difference it would make to my overall complexion. It is a little pricey but all that is required for application is a few droplets so the bottle does last quite a while.

Kiehl’s midnight recovery concentrate

If you require any further information please don’t hesitate to pop into any Kiehl’s store or concession store. The staff are very friendly and knowledgeable. I would definitely highly recommend the midnight recovery concentrate and must get my mitts on a bottle soon. There is a day version also available that I have heard great reviews of. I have also heard wonderful review’s of the midnight recovery cleansing oil. It is safe to say I am well overdue a visit to the store.

I have no affiliation to Kiehl's and bought all the products myself. I am not receiving any form of payment for my review.

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