Yon-Ka skincare Christmas giftsets

I am totally lusting over the beautiful Yon-Ka Ireland skincare Christmas giftsets. That is the worst thing about getting beauty press releases emailed to you, you see beautiful things that you just got to have (shh don’t tell the hubby). Yon-Ka skincare hails from Paris, you know the French and their beautiful skincare. For Christmas this year they have incorporated a French theme into their skincare sets.

I fell head over heels in love with Yon-ka skincare products a couple of years ago when they were only stocked over here in Spa’s. I have gotten a few facials with their products and my skin absolutely loved them. Unfortunately back then I didn’t have the funds to buy those fab products. Now Yon-Ka products are more accessible and affordable especially their giftsets. I may also have played with a stand full of their products while waiting for my hubby to get his hot towel shave in the grooming rooms. Their products smell absolutely divine and feel really luxurious on the skin. Their range of Christmas giftsets are priced from affordable to Dear Santa I’ve been a very good girl this year. What I love about these Christmas sets is that they are a great way to try out a product before you commit to buying the full sized version of it. From the products I’ve used and ahem (clears throat) played with 😉, I found them great to use on even the most sensitive skins. Here is some of the beautiful giftsets they have on sale this Christmas. I apologise in advance for the battering your credit cards may get, including my own.

🔅Yon-Ka Taïga luxury massage oil candle – €45.00.
This pricey but luxurious relaxing massage candle contains siberian pine, cypress, virginian cedar and yellow mandarin essential oils. It also comes in a handy ceramic easy-pour cup that would make a wonderful gift for yourself or someone who needs some much-needed TLC. I think we could all do with one of these, now all we need is a hot man to massage it in 😉.


🔅Yon-Ka Cleansing Essentials giftset – €48.50.
This set is a great way of trying out the Yon-Ka skincare range with options available for both dry and oily skin types.

🔅The Yon-Ka French Beauty Box is available in three different tailored giftsets – all priced accordingly.
🔹The Yon-Ka Oxygen giftset – €48.50.
Which includes the new Nutri Defense Crème and Yon-Ka Eau Micellaire.

🔹The Yon-Ka Sweet Dreams Set – €65.75.
Which includes Masque No.1 Phyto Contour.

🔹The Yon-Ka Stimulastine Day and Night giftset – €113.00.
Which includes both Yon-Ka Stimulastine Jour and Yon-Ka Stimulastine Nuit.


🔅The Yon-Ka Home Spa giftset – €48.50. Which includes Yon-Ka Phyto Bain and a small Quintessence Candle in a Yon-Ka Hat Box.


🔅The Yon-Ka Body Care giftset – €69.00.
Which includes both Yon-Ka Huile Corps and Lait Corps in a Yon-Ka hat box.


🔅The Yon-Ka Hydration Hat box – €80.00.
Which includes Hydra No.1 crème, Gommage 305 and Masque No.1.


🔅Yon-Ka also have a gift set for the man (or men whatever floats your boat) in your life – €56.00.
Which includes the skincare essentials, Yon-Ka Gel Mousse and Yon-Ka Nutri Crème.


Yon-Ka has been around some 60 years now and symbolizes constant rejuvenation. Their products are created using plants, fruits, with marine extracts to balance, soothe, revive and rejuvenate the skin. Each ingredient has a specific role to play. Fruit acids moisturize and enhance the complexion,  vitamins combat free radicals,   seaweed re-mineralizes and plant oils nourish and soften.

For more information or to find your local stockist please visit www.yonka.ie.
*Images courtesy of Caroline at The Publicity Loft.


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