The Cliff At Lyons

Myself and my mother in law, Marian are typical girly girls in that the pure mention of the word ‘spa’ gets us salivating. So as I browsed the online world in order to get some inspiration as to what to get her for Christmas, I just happened to land on website and spot a deal for the Cliff at Lyons. I had heard about this newly refurbished luxury hotel in 2017 and had been meaning to pay it a visit but unfortunately with everything going on healthwise I just had to put it on the back burner. So as I clicked through the deal and read all about the fabulous offer it seemed only fitting to finally visit the hotel. I had heard raving reviews about their spa so this really helped in the decision-making process. The deal itself consisted of:

The Deal As Per Website

As the deal was going to be a Christmas gift from myself and Kev to Marian and a Christmas gift from Kev to myself, I decided to book us in as close to Christmas as possible so we could enjoy the Christmas buzz. The ladies in the Spa were absolutely lovely to deal with and extremely accommodating. We booked ourselves in for our spa treatment and lunch on Monday the 17th of December. I did not realise I would be moving house at the time so the chosen treatment of a full body massage could not have come at a better time.

The Cliff At Lyons Buildings Decorated With Christmas Decorations

The Hotels Main Building Looking Very Christmassy

The Cliff at Lyons is located approximately 30 minutes (by car) outside of Dublin. It is housed on the banks of the grand canal in Kildare, with Newcastle being its closest town. The property consists of a hotel, spa, restaurants, shops, a wedding venue, apartments and cottages. I did not get a chance to really check out the hotel and its rooms as I was not staying over so will only really talk about what I experienced myself. However, the grounds of the property are presented really well. The stone clad buildings, little courtyards, water features and herb and vegetable gardens adorn the property quite beautifully. One thing I must point out is that some of the walkways are quite stoney which may interfere with some people getting around. However, I did see a few golf carts floating around so I am sure they can be used for transport purposes for those that need it. Everything is within walking distance with the spa located approximately a three-minute walk from the main hotel reception.

The Interesting Walkways

The Stunning Fountain

The Wellness Spa

The Spa itself is housed in a separate stone building with beautiful big windows overlooking the greenery outside. The entrance to the spa is warm and welcoming with a large wooden table decked out with their own beauty products greeting you as you walk into the reception area. There are no fluorescent lights, overbearing sights or sounds in this reception area. I think it is the most relaxing and inviting spa environment I have ever experienced.

The Spa’s Reception Area

We were warmly greeted by the spa manager Laura Clarke and guided to the ladies dressing room which I must point out albeit small was impeccably clean. We were given secured lockers to put our belongings into, a warm and fluffy robe with slippers and told to make our way to the relaxation room in our own time. I tend to be the type of person that picks up on and appreciates the small little details. I know it is not much but I really appreciated seeing a hamper full of deodorants, creams and other hygiene products located in the dressing room for people to avail of to freshen up. It is things like this that are so thoughtful and yet practical.

The Wellness Spa

The relaxation room is a beautiful and bright large reception room with a high wooden ceiling, massive fireplace, comfortable chairs and footstools. It is located on the right hand side of the main reception area. Its decor is in keeping with the style and period of the property but most importantly it is both a relaxing and inviting space. Soothing music meanders through the room adding to the relaxed atmosphere as it becomes an area to switch off physically and mentally. The floor is even under-heated and a selection of water, teas and juices are made available to each guest.

The Relaxation Room

Myself and Marian both relaxed in comfortable armchairs before our therapists Irene and Niamh guided us up the beautiful wooden stairs to our separate treatment rooms. I had a great chat with my therapist who was incredibly understanding of my ill-health. As I sat in a big comfy chair and answered some questions about my health, skin concerns etc, my feet were bathed in a warm herbal foot bath to kickstart the relaxation process. The specific treatment room I was in was a large room that caters to couples treatments but I really appreciated having the extra space to myself. I then had what I can only describe as the best full body massage I have ever experienced. I had been a little concerned about the products they would apply to my skin seeing as the psoriasis has come back with a vengeance but they assured me the natural oils would help soothe my troubled skin.

A Very Relaxed Me

A Very Relaxed Marian

The treatment itself (worth €95) is called ‘Hug Of The Hands’ and comprises of an entire hour of absolute bliss. It begins with a full back exfoliation whereby salt and fresh herbs from their garden are applied to thoroughly cleanse the skin. Hot towels are then applied to the back to help calm aching muscles. The treatment then begins with the entire back, neck, back and front of legs and arms being massaged to help release tension from the body. I am not going to lie I did nod off a few times over the course of the hour that is how relaxed I felt. At all times I felt in full control of the pressure I wanted the therapist to apply, the areas I wanted to really address and that my sore joints were treated with the utmost care. My muscles relaxed beneath the warm massage oil whilst my skin felt soft and nourished. I felt like I was in a warm and glowing cocoon. Truth be told I did not want it to end.

A Selection Of The Spas Natural Beauty Products

As a special treat the lovely Laura and her team treated myself and Marian to a beautiful complimentary 30 minute botanical facial which followed our heavenly massages. This facial was a beautiful treatment comprising of a series of cleanses, exfoliation, targeted treatments, a mask and moisturisers. Whilst the mask was doing its thing, I got a heavenly head massage. I have been experiencing bad headaches this year so the head massage was greatly appreciated. The spa only use natural skincare products that they personally produce themselves. I can say without a shadow of a doubt that my skin loved each and every product that was applied to it with my hubby even commenting that my skin was glowing afterwards. Unfortunately, they have not produced enough of the products to sell to the public yet but they are currently in production and will be available to purchase soon. I will definitely be treating myself to the exfoliation cream, eye cream and rose oil that was applied to my skin when they are ready.

Daydreaming In The Relaxation Room

After our blissful treatments, Marian and I floated back to the relaxation room, drank some warming herbal tea and daydreamed whilst looking out the window. My body completely relaxed and Marian looked like she was in a warm cocoon of happiness. She only had good things to say about her treatments. We were both so impressed with our experience that we have vowed to return to the spa soon. I was also very impressed to learn about wellness for cancer and how the spa staff are trained and certified to provide treatments to those who have experienced or currently live with cancer. They also cater to people with a vast array of disabilities and illnesses. The only thing they stipulate is that you gain permission from your treating Dr prior to booking in for treatments. I obtained full permission from my medical team prior to booking.

Sipping On Herbal Tea

Trellis Restaurant

As part of our deal we were booked in for a two course lunch in the trellis restaurant. This cosy restaurant overlooking a cobbled courtyard is both relaxing and welcoming with a small menu consisting of freshly produced local produce. As it was a Monday and just after the lunchtime rush, we had the entire place to ourselves and were extremely well looked after. We both had the incredibly warming and creamy vegetable soup to start with which was absolutely delicious. Marian then chose a steak dish whereas I went for prawns on toasted brioche with chips on the side. I have to say I struggled to finish the chips as I was so full. We both got a complementary glass of wine each which was incredibly kind. I have not drank alcohol in a long time so the glass of wine went straight to my head. I even had to have a lie down when I got home. I don’t think I am able for alcohol anymore.

Prawns On Toasted Brioche Bread

Marian’s Steak Dish

The food was absolutely delicious and the atmosphere informal but welcoming. The staff were really nice and we really enjoyed ourselves. I will definitely be back for another bowl of that freshly made veg soup that would warm the cockles of your heart.

The Yummy Vegetable Soup

My overall experience of the Cliff At Lyons was extremely positive. The spa was heavenly and I highly recommend a visit. The treatments can be expensive but no dearer than other hotel spas I have been too. I find the use of their own natural beauty products very appealing along with the emphasis on wellness for the mind and body. The trellis restaurant serves delicious heartwarming locally produced food. There is even a card supplied on each table with information regarding their suppliers etc so you know where the food you are eating is from. I think we now live in an age where we should be able to know exactly what goes in and on our bodies so I appreciate this information being made available.

List Of Food Suppliers

Marian and I really enjoyed ourselves and we wish to thank the staff at the Cliff At Lyons for their warm welcome, kindness and generosity. More information on the Spa and hotel can be found over on the Cliff At Lyons website.

I have no link or affiliation to or The Cliff at Lyons. I paid for the two deals in their entirety and received no payment to review my experience. Myself and Marian did however receive a complementary 30 minute facial each (in the spa) and a glass of wine in the trellis restaurant. There was no pressure placed upon me to write a review and as always my words are completely honest.

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