Sunshine in a bottle – Roger & Gallet bois d’orange

It may have hit 0°C over the past number of days but I am determined to not let these cold, dark days get me down. I have a little secret weapon, well three to be precise, that instantly evokes a sense of summer holidays and adds a bit of much-needed sunshine into my life. I really underestimated the power of scent as a form of therapy. Since getting ill I have been looking at little ways to cheer myself up and feel empowered. As you all know I love colour and try to inject as much of it into my life, be it in my clothing or makeup. This has been a great way of expressing myself and for giving me confidence when I needed it most. It has only been whilst slowing down that I have learnt the power that different scents have at evoking a beautiful memory or an overall happy feeling. I can’t deny every time I walk through Marks and Spencer the beautiful aroma wafting from the bakery instantly steers me in the direction of the bread and cookie aisle. The scent of lavender will also always remind me of my mother and grandmother. So I have decided I am not going to keep this little secret to myself anymore, I am going to share it with all you lovelies.

Roger & Gallet is a French perfume house founded by Charles Armand Roger and Charles Martial Gallet who have been producing beautiful fragrances for nearly 200 years. Jean Marie Farina the original creator of Eau de Cologne sold his complete catalog to Roger & Gallet in 1862. The company developed a prestigious name for themselves by creating luxurious bath soaps. To this day they still use the same signature round shaped soap enveloped in crinkled silk paper with sealed logo. The entire range houses 29 fragrances, all of which are beautiful and unique. You may be familiar with seeing their distinct labelled bottles and body products adorning the shelves of your local pharmacy. The entire range incorporates the use of rare plants and essential oils to produce some truly exquisite fragrances.

My particular favourite scent from the entire range would have to be Bois d’Orange. This heavenly scent is composed of top notes of mandarin, basil and lemon verbena with middle notes of orange blossom and neroli on a base of warm amber, rosewood and cedar.* It is a deep but feminine scent that has good staying power. I also like to spray a little in my room as it disperses into a lovely warm welcoming scent. For me personally the orange and neroli notes stand out the most.

Bois d’orange fragrance

In 2013 Roger & Gallet developed a new variant of this beautiful fragrance in the form, Bois d’Orange Eau Sublime. My god did my heart skip a beat when I first encountered this beautiful fruity floral aroma. It is quite literally sunshine in a bottle. The top notes of this beautiful scent being mandarin orange, orange and citruses; middle notes of coconut, ylang-ylang and orange blossom with base notes of vanilla and white wood. This sensuous elixir also contains delicate flecks of gold that settle on the skin to produce a subtle shimmer. This is an absolute winner in my eyes and with one whiff instantly transports me to a beautiful tropical beach where warm sunshine penetrates my skin soothing my aching muscles.

Eau sublime or fragrance

This golden scent has also spanned its way into a luxurious moisturising body cream called Crème Sublime Or. Enriched with not one but six nourishing oils (Macadamia, Argan, Camelia, Primrose, Sesame and Almond), this heavenly scented cream will not only have you smelling delicious but will also moisturise and soften the skin. It too contains the delicate flecks of gold which will transform you into a golden goddess. The cream itself albeit thick and luxurious is non-greasy and dries in beautifully to the skin. I find a little is all that is needed to get great results. I like to use this to really give me a pick me up or to add a touch of shimmer to my skin on a night out.

Fragrance and body lotion

Price wise the cheapest I have seen these beautiful products is over at They are currently on sale at €14.45 for the Bois d’Orange spray (30ml), €27.26 for the Eau Sublime Or spray (100ml) and €12.80 for the Crème Sublime Or (200ml).


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