Who doesn’t love a SUNKISSED glow

If any of you follow me over on Snapchat, you have probably already seen these pictures and my somewhat contental-like appearance over the past number of days but for all you non snappers out there, here is a look at a new self-tan (fake tan) that I tried out during the week. This self-tan adequately named SunKiss tan popped through my letter box last year. Sunkiss tan is the brain child of beauty entrepreneur Janice O’Sullivan. Janice puts a lot of research and development into the products she brings to market. If you are thinking wait a minute I know that name? Well you would be right. Herself and her father are also the masterminds behind Young Nails Ireland.

SunKiss instant self tanning mousse and mist

As you can imagine being ill and eerily resembling Morticia Adams, the desire for a sunkissed glow has completely dropped down to the bottom of my list of priorities. Like many a wonderful product I have been blessed to receive, as soon as I got it in my hands, I added it to my stash of “must tries” for use when I was feeling better. A mixture of going out for Kev’s birthday last week and my desire for a little boost of confidence (well let’s be honest here, a lot of confidence was needed) led me to trying out this product. Whilst I enjoy a nice glow to the skin, I believe the safest and quickest way of achieving this is by using self tan. There are some wonderful formulations on the market these days and I enjoy trying out the many different types on offer to see which gives me that natural sunkissed look. That is not to say I wear tan often maybe once every few months at best.

I am also extremely against the use of sun beds something that I am not going to get into here. I will leave that for another day. Let’s just say, the serious lack of regulation especially surrounding the bulbs used in these machines, the non-existent calibration standards not to mention the serious damage that has been scientifically linked to sun bed exposure has me completely and utterly against their use. This particular self tan claims to respond to your skin, giving you a beautiful natural glow. For me the only way I want to achieve this natural looking glow is safely through controlled sun exposure (using spf) or by using a self tan.

SunKiss instant self tanning mist

The colourful packaging of this bottle is instantly eye-catching. The label is both feminine and appealing with its use of pink and gold colours along with the fancy font. I was also quite attracted to it being a spray formulation as opposed to the more common cream or mousse. Being honest I need as much convenience as I can get these days given the serious lack of energy I have. I was pretty impressed with the consistency, colour application, scent and the overall ease of handling the bottle. It smelt quite fruity like apple jacks upon application and was very easy to work with. The important thing to note is even though it applies easily you still need to use a tanning mitt to make sure it is applied evenly especially around the ankle, wrist and knee joints. It also dries in pretty quickly and my skin did not feel overly sticky which was a real positive. Another thing I must point out is it applies a nice golden brown colour but develops further to a darker shade over the course of 4 – 6 hours.

The guidelines suggest having a shower once the tan has developed to your optimal colour. This shower should only be to rinse away residual tan so do not use any body washes etc as it could strip off the tan. The shade I tried was medium/dark. As you can see by my not so artistic picture below, one of my legs is tan free and the other has had one full application of tan. Oh I also must add when you are using a spray bottle tan, make sure you cover the floor where you are standing. This spray is quite good as it disperses evenly but I have used spray bottles in the past where the tan ended up absolutely everywhere.

Left leg: no tan, Right leg: one spray of tan (excuse the mess but I had to protect my bedroom floor)

Price wise this self tan comes in at €12.95 which is not too bad. I applied a liberal layer of tan to my entire body and there is still a hefty amount of product left to use in the bottle for future applications. Hazarding a guess, I reckon I could get another 4 or 5 full body applications out of it. Being honest that is just a rough guess so I will update you on this once the bottle is finished.

So what are my honest thoughts a week post application? Well the colour pay off was fantastic. Trust me when I say you need that shower after the max six-hour mark. I looked extremely chocolatey before my shower but was relieved when the residual tan washed away to reveal a deep golden glow. I would naturally tan quite well so this might have something to do with the tan developing so dark on me. I looked like I had just stepped off the plane from two weeks in the sun. I have to admit the shade of the tan certainly appears natural. There is no orange or brassy tones to it. The lightweight nature of the formulation also makes the tan appear more natural as it does not just sit on the skin. I love how I can still see my freckles coming through. I have also showered every day since applying it and I have to say it is wearing away quite nicely.

The only slight issue I have is the small amount of patchiness around my wrists, elbows and ankles which is to be expected. I have never had a tan be it done by myself or a professional that did not leave this slight patchiness days later. Another positive for me is that the tan has not dried out my skin. If you were to rub my arm with your eyes closed you would not be able to tell that I had anything on my skin. Another extremely important factor to consider when choosing a self tan is if it transfers onto towelling, clothing or bedding. I can happily declare that for me personally, I did not notice any colour transfer. I did make sure during my daily showering rituals that the water ran clear before exiting the shower. A small amount of tan does wash off with each shower and obviously will slightly lift more in the areas you sweat, I am looking at you under boobages 😂.

SunKiss instant self tanning mousse

Would I recommend trying this tan out? Well based on my one full body application yes. Obviously I will amend this post if my feelings change when I use it some more. If you are very fair-skinned I think the colouring could be too dark for you. Unfortunately it only seems to be available in this medium/dark shade which is a shame as I think a light/medium shade would be a great addition to the range. I used the tanning mist aka spray but it is also available in a tanning mousse which I have just purchased to try next time. I took the lids off the bottles after taking the pictures and now they have completely vanished into thin air. I really think there must be a separate dimension going on in my house where lids, coins and odd socks hang out. Price wise I think it is very competitively priced and good value for money considering all the factors I have discussed above.

This self tan was gifted to me from a PR company with no onus to review. I have no affiliation to the brand and received no payment for this review.

I would love to hear what you think by commenting below.