Ruth’s natural lip balms

I wanted to do a little review post on these fab lip balms from Ruth’s Natural Skincare. As you may have noticed we have an entire set to give away in a fab hamper giveaway over on our facebook page. I very kindly received a set of these beautiful lip balms from the gorgeous Ruth at the start of the year. Between myself, Kev and my Mum we have now gotten through the lot and found they worked a treat.


The fab hamper giveaway over on our facebook page

These lip balms are very kind and gentle, containing only nourishing natural ingredients like sweet almond oil, caster seed oil and beeswax. They are available in a selection of different scents with the peppermint and lemon variety’s being my personal favourites. Kev choose the original lip balm as he doesn’t like using perfumed skincare. He said the packaging was also very neutral and was happy to carry one around in his pocket. I personally found the lavender and patchouli scents a bit too strong. As I explained before I have the most sensitive sense of smell. It can be a burden as well as a benefit.


My set of lip balms

To test out just how good these beauties work I decided to bring one along with me when I was admitted into hospital earlier in the year. A combination of the overwhelming heat and lack of fresh air can really dry your skin out. To prevent the dreaded chapped lip look, I regularly applied the lemon lip balm to my lips. It is also a handy little size to pop into your dressing gown pocket or into your purse. I have to say it really worked a treat for me. I think that is probably one of my biggest tips for going into hospital, bring lip balm. When I say lip balm I mean a good quality natural type not one containing petroleum as it dries out the skin. Ruth packs a small selection of simple chemical free ingredients into each lip balm so you don’t have to worry about any skin reactions or any bad nasties being in them. Each lip balm costs a very reasonable €3.95 and if you want to find out where you can get your hands I mean lips on some just pop over to


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