Not just a hairbrush but an Ibiza hairbrush

When I purchased my Kevin Murphy haircare products last week the lovely Sinead at popped in this Ibiza hair brush for me to try out. I had mentioned to her that my hair was extremely damaged with being ill and on medication. I was delighted when I opened up my order to find this little baby looking back up at me. I honestly had not heard about these brushes before so was very intrigued to try it out.


Ibiza B3 round medium hair brush

Ok so I know it is just a hair brush but I have been using it over the past week and have to admit I am finding it fairly decent. Could I possibly be converted? It is looking that way. The brush itself is a round brush made from all natural materials. Each bristle is composed of white boar hair reinforced with nylon which makes it very gentle for use on the hair. The bristles are supposed to distribute the natural oils evenly throughout the hair leading to added shine. Who doesn’t love added shine?.


Boar hair bristles and cork handle

What I find good about this brush is that it does not pull or snag the hair but you still get a firm hold of it. The anti-slip cork handle is also different to use. It actually feels nice and comfortable in the hand. The brush itself is also quite lightweight. I know myself I hate using a big heavy brush. It is tiring enough drying your hair without the added weight and general awkwardness of a big brush. Word of advice invest in a lightweight hairdryer. It was the best thing I ever did. 😀

Overall I found this brush great to use and will definitely continue to use it on a daily basis. I have always loved using my beloved Denman hair brushes but recently find them too rough and pulling out my hair. The only negative for me with regards this brush is the price tag. It is quite expensive at €30.80. I know it is a crazy amount of money for a hair brush and probably would not have purchased one myself but after trying this one out I have to admit I would purchase another one. They are available in all different shapes and sizes with my one in particular being recommended for use on medium to long hair. For further information on Ibiza hair brushes please visit


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