Holos Skincare from Nature

Holos natural skincare is an “award-winning” Irish company created by the inspiring Niamh Hogan. I had the pleasure of meeting this extremely kind and interesting woman at the Irish bloggers association birthday party in October.

Based in Wexford, Niamh has two natural health clinics. One based in Enniscorthy and the other in Gorey. She also teaches yoga, meditation and does stress management workshops. I immediately sensed an air of calm from her upon meeting. You know when you meet someone for the first time, you can feel a bit anxious but I can honestly say I instantly relaxed when I started chatting to her. I only wish I lived near her clinics as I would love to attend her stress management and yoga classes. I really am a stress head most of the time and find it difficult to slow down and live in the present. This is something I would really like to change about myself for my general health and wellbeing.

Through Niamh’s experience in the clinic, she identified areas that people need support most. By combining essential oils that support these needs with skincare, she created natural, healthy and holistic products that nurture not just the skin but the whole wellbeing.*

So enough of my ramblings. I had explained to Niamh about my current health problems and the sleep problems associated with them. She kindly sent me two of her lovely products to try. One was the Good Night Body Oil and the other the Love Your Skin anti aging facial oil. I like to give skincare products time to work so I didn’t want to rush into a review. That’s why over six weeks later I can now write an honest review of my experiences with these products.

The Good Night Body Oil (€16.90) is a sweet almond based oil infused with a combination of lavender, chamomile and rose essential oils. This combination of ingredients helps balance sebum levels in the skin and is great for use on dry areas. This body oil is specifically for night-time use with its soothing, relaxing essential oils. I apply it after my night-time shower just before I hop into bed. I have literally been using it every second night for the past six weeks and still have over half a bottle left.  I only use a cap full that I apply direct to my damp skin. By the time I get into my pj’s my skin has dried and I can smell the relaxing aromas while drifting off to the land of nod. It definitely has been beneficial to me as it helps me relax and fall asleep. It also helped calm and soothe the skin rashes on my body.


The Love Your Skin anti aging facial oil (€22.20) is all about feeding your skin naturally. This facial oil contains a base of argan oil combined with rose, palmerosa, benzoin and frankincense essential oils. This anti-ageing oil helps to reduce the appearance of wrinkles by restoring the hydrolipid bilayer (and yep I know what that is, I even know how to draw it. Thank you Science degrees). This in turn helps reduce damage from free radicals, keeping the skin looking young, soft and vibrant. Argan oil is one of those wonder ingredients packed full of vitamins A, B1, B2, B6, C and E which also protects the skin from aging prematurely. I have used this under my night cream every night and it has kept my skin nice and hydrated. I am currently going through a massive breakout due to the meds so I’m only using natural products on my face. That way I know the goodness is going in and helping with the inflammation.


I highly recommend trying out some of Niamh’s skincare products. Please don’t hesitate to message her if you need any advice. She is very helpful, open and honest. Also please note that some essential oils can interfere with chemotherapy drugs so always consult you Dr/team before use. All of holos skincare are gluten, alcohol, paraben, SLS and preservative free. They are also vegan friendly.

*Quote taken from www.holos.ie/about-us


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