His and Hers Sundial Watches

In October of last year I attended a blogger event where I met an absolute gentleman named Dean who was showcasing a selection of male and female watches from Sundial Watch. I had never heard of this particular brand before and had a great play around with the selection of watches he had on display (I know, I know my inner magpie was in her element). We had a great chat where he informed me of his many years of involvement in the watch industry in Ireland and gave me a brief description of how the watches worked and differ from others on the market. Dean is the director of watch distribution company Solatrex/CALCUL based in Shannon. He also distributes Citizen watches to the jewellery trade.

My simple but stunning rose gold sundial watch

Sundial watch features

What really enticed me about these watches was their simple design and extremely lightweight nature coupled with the science of them being fully rechargeable. They have all the benefits of a modern quartz movement, without the need for battery changes. Each Sundial watch contains a solar panel clearly identifiable on the face of the watch (coloured grey or navy/black) located just behind the dial. This solar panel captures energy from light sources and stores it in a rechargeable cell. This stored energy keeps each watch fully powered for up to six months and will constantly replenish its stores every time it is exposed to light.

A selection of sundial watches

Sundial watch, who are they? 

Sundial Watch themselves were born out of a simple conversation between a watch designer and his photographer friend. The photographer being interested in the dispersion of light and the watch designer intrigued by the way light casts a shadow on a simple sun-dial to display the time. Inspired by this, the watch maker set about producing a state-of-the-art timepiece that incorporated modern watch-making with the purity of light. This fusion of science and art created a simple, no fuss timepiece that is both solid and dependable whilst also looking aesthetically pleasing. There is nothing more irritating than discovering that your watch has stopped and are running late for something. It also saves you money on batteries and appears much more lightweight and streamlined on the wrist than other watches on the market,

Woman’s rose gold coloured watch 

30mm rose gold bracelet watch

I was lucky enough to win one of these beautiful watches at the event and got to pick one of my choosing. I choose a 30mm feminine rose gold coloured solid steel watch with a white face (product code A30BRW). It had instantly caught my eye and I fell in love with it as soon as I tried it on. This watch with a seven link bracelet and butterfly clasp looked and felt sleek and elegant. With my painful wrists it did not feel the slightest bit heavy and is streamlined so does not appear bulky. I have been wearing it over the past few months and find it extremely robust. It retails at €225 which is expensive but a worthy investment piece. I must note that it is a very simple and understated design which will appeal to some and not to others. I tend to use it for day wear as I like a slight bit more bling when I go out.

The watch face including grey coloured solar panel

I believe quality wise it is impeccable and its simple design will mean it won’t date. I have enjoyed wearing the watch so much so that I contacted Dean himself in November to boldly enquire if he could donate one of these watches to go into one of my 12 days of Christmas giveaways in which he very kindly obliged.

The beautiful giveaway watch

The unisex watch in which I was sent to pop into the giveaway contained a vibrant green and blue striped leather lined nylon strap with a beautiful rose gold covered case and white face (product code A30NRV). You all certainly liked the look of this watch as it received a phenomenal response on Facebook. Dean also very kindly offered to send Kevin aka a maler shade of beauty a watch of his choosing which was incredibly generous of him.

Men’s silver coloured watch 

Kevin’s watch

Kevin choose an understated but masculine 41mm silver coloured seven link solid steel watch with a simple blue face (product code A41BSL). Like my rose gold watch it also contained a butterfly clasp which I think is a great security measure as if it comes undone it won’t instantly fall off the wrist. So here is A Maler Shade Of Beauty himself to give you his two cents worth. I am not used to him hijacking my post but I will allow him on this occasion lol.

Ahoy-hoy Kevin here. I apologise for being absent over the past while,  I have been incredibly busy with projects in work. I am planning on resuming my monthly ‘Manly Monday’ feature next week. The first post for 2017 will be a personal one. Anyway back to the matter at hand. As Avril pointed out, Dean very kindly asked me to choose a watch from the Sundial Watch collection to review. As stated in a previous post I am not one for wearing a lot of jewellery, being honest my wedding ring and a watch are the only items I will wear. I also do not like anything big, loud or flashy looking, so the simple design of these watches appealed to me.

I choose a simple silver coloured watch with a blue face. It looked elegant on the wrist and does not feel heavy which is great for someone like me not used to wearing jewellery. I wear a lot of navy and blue coloured clothes so this watch complements my outfits. I am not going to lie, Avril has got my relaxed semi-formal style down to a tee and is a wealth of knowledge with what works and what doesn’t with regards outfit choices. This watch is one I wear on a daily basis, while not premium priced, watches can get expensive! I feel for a relatively new brand it is priced a bit on the expensive side of things at €225. I would agree with Avril that they are investment pieces but if like me you wear your watch daily it will pay for itself in the long run. I also like the fact that you do not need to constantly replace batteries. In terms of quality it is fairly decent containing a Japanese quartz movement and sealed mechanism. The use of a solid steel casing makes for it to be a hard-wearing piece. I would recommend these watches if you are looking for something simple, dependable and for daily use.

Where to buy

I hope you enjoyed reading myself and Kevin’s personal opinion of our Sundial watches. I want to say a big thank you to Dean for being extremely kind and generous. For information on stockists etc please pop over to Sundial watch. As with any piece of jewellery I highly recommend physically trying it on before you purchase it. Something as personal as a watch and the price point of these watches in particular is not a decision to be taken lightly especially with pictures online appearing slightly different than looking at the physical product in your hand.


I won my rose gold watch as part of a competition with no owness to review. I received the giveaway watch as a gift to give away on the blog and Kevin received his watch for review purposes. I myself or Kevin did not receive any form of payment for featuring or reviewing these products. We also have no affiliation to Dean himself or the brand.


  1. Jennifer
    1st February 2017 / 9:46 PM

    Yeah congrats and hey Kevin… They are cool with no battery.. enjoy them

    • apalershadeofbeauty
      3rd February 2017 / 1:45 AM

      Thanks Jennifer. They have a small internal battery that is rechargeable in daylight. X

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