Faro Hair Brushes


Hair brushes you say? Surely you only need one, after all it’s just to brush your hair right? Wrong, god be with the days when a single hair brush, preferably a classic Denman was sufficient enough to keep an entire household knot free. I think it was only in my teenage years that I actually got a hair brush to call my own. That single brush more or less covered my entire brushing needs throughout secondary school. It’s only when I got near college age that I started experimenting with different hairstyles and side partings. A whole new world of different size and shaped brushes was opened up to me. You mean I could create a professional looking blow dry at home? All by myself? I use the term create loosely as I still have not grasped the concept of creating perfectly blow dried hair at home. I have come to the conclusion it’s my lack of patience that’s maybe at fault there.

These days with the addition of hair dyes, hair straighteners, environmental factors and illness, not to mention stress which can absolutely wreak havoc with your crowning glory. I have certainly suffered from this in recent years. Gone are my thick luscious locks and in its place thin damaged hair that I’m sick of pulling out of the sink hole. Why oh why can’t it just stay where it’s supposed to. Don’t get me wrong one of my little pleasures in life is to pop into my local hairdresser Katrina in K2 Hair to get my hair done. After all for us women a trip to the hairdressers isn’t just about getting our hair chopped but an enjoyable relaxing escape from reality. Give me some girly mags, cups of coffee, maybe an aul glass of vino and throw in a head massage and I’m in pure heaven. You can’t beat the look of perfectly blow dried hair that you get in the hairdressers. Do you think I could achieve something like that at home, are you having a laugh?

Roll up Faro Hair Brushes created by the much-loved Mairead Ronan and her business partner Debbie Lawless. If you’re not sure who Mairead is, she’s your one-off the telly and radio aka Mairead Farrell. Like many women Mairead has suffered with frizzy, flyaway and static hair. She has learned over the years that the only way to manage these issues properly is with the right tools, the right types of hair brushes. So this year after many months of research Faro brushes were born. The first installment from these two lovelies is a four piece brush set called love your hair, containing one comb and three barrel brushes in various sizes. I was beyond delighted when Debbie contacted me to say she was sending me out a set to try. It could not have come at a more perfect time as I was so frustrated with my hair and lack of control I had over it.

hair brush

Needless to say as soon as I received the set I was running upstairs for a shower to wash my hair. I’m not going to lie, do you think it made any difference the first time I used them to blow dry my hair? Nope, not one bit. To be honest it was my entire fault as I couldn’t get to grips with how to use them properly. After a few more tries I got my technique sorted. The large spaces in the brushes make drying time a hell of a lot quicker, a godsend to those with long hair.

What I do is blast my hair dry on a low to medium heat setting. When the hair is dry I section off the hair with hair clips into moderate sized sections. At first I started off with small sections to get used to the brushes and their grasp on the hair shaft and then gradually increased the sections in size. I found personally the small and medium-sized barreled brushes worked best for me. To style the hair with the brushes I ramp up the heat setting on my hairdryer to high. After I have styled all my hair I gently blast it with cool air.


The brushes themselves are extremely lightweight with good grip on the handles. The bristles don’t tend to pull or snag the hair thus reducing damage. I have also not had that dreaded static hair since I’ve started using the brushes. It took me a few tries to get used to using the brushes but now I will not use any other type of brush to style my hair. Overall I am quite happy with these little babies. They are available to buy in Cara Pharmacy for €49.00 and if you’re in the The Loop at Dublin airport they can be picked up for €43.95. I really look forward to seeing what else the girls will add to the range and I also want to wish them the very best of luck with it all.


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