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It is hard to ignore the many Christmas gift guides floating around online this time of the year. I wanted to create one myself but was unsure which angle to take. As you, my loyal followers will be the ones who (hopefully) read it, I wanted to feature products that I think you would enjoy. I am very passionate about supporting local Irish businesses and of course I would never recommend something I have not tried myself. So whilst I was brainstorming this very idea, I decided to incorporate the two areas I am most passionate about, natural and organic skincare.

I choose to feature six Irish beauty brands in this gift guide. I am very passionate about each one of these brands and thoroughly believe in their values, products and vision. I have absolutely no link or affiliation to any brand mentioned below and am not receiving any form of payment for featuring their products. However, I did reach out to each individual brand to enquire if they would pop a little something into a Christmas hamper giveaway which will run in conjunction with this post. I have to admit each brand was extremely kind, helpful and generous and I now have a lovely hamper of goodies to give away to one of you lovelies. Thank you so much Niamh, Jo, Joanne, Celia, Sonia, Deirdre and Karen for your kindness and generosity.

Holo’s Natural Skincare 

A selection of Holos skincare products

Holos is an Irish based natural skincare company created by the inspiring Niamh Hogan. I had the pleasure of meeting this extremely kind and interesting woman at the Irish bloggers association birthday party in 2016. Based in Wexford, Niamh has two natural health clinics. One based in Enniscorthy and the other in Gorey. She also teaches yoga, meditation and runs stress management workshops. Niamh is very passionate about natural products that not only treat the skin but also increase your sense of well-being. Her products not only smell amazing but are nourishing and kind to the skin and body. To read my review on holos skincare, simply click here.

Holos natural skincare body oil and facial oil

Jo Browne

A selection of both male and female natural fragrances by Jo Browne

Joanne Browne produces a fantastic range of natural solid perfumes and most recently a natural facial cleansing balm from her little shed in Co. Carlow. She comes from an experienced reflexology and holistic therapy background and has a serious passion for essential oils. Her passion inspired her to create a range of beautiful, sensual and stimulating solid fragrances. All her fragrances are individually handmade using organic beeswax and essential oils. Joanne knows that good things take time and hence spends a good six months developing a fragrance. I reviewed her sweet note fragrance last year that you can read about here. I also recently reviewed her natural facial cleansing balm which you can read about here.

Jo Browne natural facial cleansing balm

Kinvara Skincare 

A selection of products from Kinvara skincare

Kinvara Skincare are a fantastic Irish owned natural and organic skin care company founded by fellow scientist Dr Joanne Reilly PhD. The Galway based brand is extremely eco-friendly using only recyclable materials in its packaging. They also use organic, fair trade and locally sourced Irish ingredients where possible. The ethics behind the brand really appeal to me and I have used quite a few of their skincare products over the past two years. They have recently redesigned their packaging to be brighter and more colourful. To read my review of some of their wonderful products, simply click here.

Kinvara Skincare Cleansing oil, moisturiser and serum

Nía Beauty

A selection of skin and body care products from Nía beauty

With over twenty years experience in the beauty industry, Celia O’Grady decided to set up Nía Beauty an Irish natural skincare company after questioning the addition of chemical ingredients and fillers in cosmetics. Nía’s philosophy is simple, “that you look your best and feel your best”. Each product in their range is created to help nourish the skin. The ingredients are deliberately chosen to be safe for use by people with sensitive and reactive skin conditions. Nía, based on Co. Clare predominantly specialise in producing beauty balms that are formulated with the look and feel of a cream, but without the addition of water. The reasoning behind this is to cut out the use of emulsifiers, preservatives and stabilisers which results in a 100% natural product. They also produce a range of face and body care products. I have tried a few products from their range with my favourite being their natural skincare balm. You can read all about it here,

Nía facial cleansing balm

Pestle & Mortar 

A selection of products from Pestle & Mortar

Pestle and Mortar are an Irish skincare company founded by Sonia Deasy. This inspirational mother of five from Co. Kildare established the brand after observing her husband’s (photographer Padraic Deasy) clients skin appearing dull, dehydrated and lacklustre in photographs. As they say the camera does not lie especially with the development of HD technology. She joined forces with her sister, a biochemist to create a simple, hassle-free and most importantly free from nasty chemicals range of skincare to really nourish the skin. Even the name Pestle and Mortar instantly evokes an image of a lovingly prepared concoction of simple ingredients created in harmony with one another. I am slowly making my way through their range and have reviewed two of their hydrating products that you can read all about here.

Pestle & Mortar hydration duo

Wild Oats Soap

Wild Oats Soap Christmas sets

Deirdre Meany and Karen Cottier are the creators of natural skincare company Wild Oats Soap which is based in Co. Waterford. They create their range of natural skincare products in their converted farm building outside Lismore. Both Deirdre and Karen are passionate about creating bathing products that indulge the senses as well as the skin. Every ingredient sourced has been thoroughly researched and only the best ingredients make it into their products. They also support local business by using Flahavan’s Organic Oats in their soaps and bath milks. I tried out a few of their products a few years ago, before the actual blog was established and wrote up a little review on Facebook that has since got lost in the ether. My plan is to revisit their products in the new year and write-up a proper blog post on them.

Wild Oats Soap and body oil

Well that completes my buy Irish Christmas gift guide. I hope you enjoyed reading it and that it has inspired you to support these amazing Irish businesses. For a list of stockists please visit the links below. Once again thank you all for your love and support throughout 2017. Keep an eye on our Facebook page over the coming days for details on our fab hamper giveaway containing some amazing goodies from Holos, Jo Browne, Kinvara, Nía, Pestle & Mortar and Wild Oats.


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I have no link or affiliation to the above named brands.


  1. 20th December 2017 / 11:09 AM

    Jo Browne is definitely one of the best products! Really really good quality. I also never knew that Kinvara was Irish? I guess you learn something new everyday!

    • apalershadeofbeauty
      21st December 2017 / 6:35 AM

      I really like Jo Browne’s products and cantwait to see what else she has in the pipeline. Yep Kinvara are from Galway.x

  2. Catherine Lynch
    15th December 2017 / 3:03 PM

    We’re a sensitive skinned family, and I’m familiar with Nia (and have just bought Holos!). Lovely to read about Kinvara, Wild Oats an Pestle and Mortar, as these are brands I’m thinking of buying in the future 🙂

    • apalershadeofbeauty
      15th December 2017 / 3:27 PM

      My skin is gone extremely sensitive and i find the natural side of skincare suits it best. I have used products from all of these brands and really like them. Kinvara Skincare is really nice too as is Pestle and Mortar. The hydration duo by Pestle and Mortar is great for dehydrated skin. x

  3. 13th December 2017 / 9:01 PM

    Ive heard lots about Kinvara i definitey must try it out

    • apalershadeofbeauty
      15th December 2017 / 3:28 PM

      They are very good. The rosehip oil is great and so is their eye cream x

      • 15th December 2017 / 10:42 PM

        its the eye cream I have heard great things about, thats another recommendation:)

        • apalershadeofbeauty
          16th December 2017 / 3:53 AM

          Ah stop I’d need a bucketful of it on my face every day . Just can’t hide the tiredness in and around my eyes. Puffy eyes seem to be a regular occursnce for me these days. X

  4. Nicola
    13th December 2017 / 12:47 PM

    Some great ideas Avril

    • apalershadeofbeauty
      15th December 2017 / 3:29 PM

      Thanks Nicola. Have you tried any of these brands yourself. X

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