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I have been nominated by the lovely Joanne, a blogger buddy of mine over at Lipsticknleopardprint to complete the Blue Sky Tag set of 11 questions. Thanks for thinking of me Joanne ❤. What is this you may ask? Well it’s a great way of getting to know the people behind the blogs that you love and follow. It’s lighthearted and a bit of fun too. It’s kind of like featured Friday but the questions have been turned on me lol.

So firstly we must get down to business with regards the rules. The nominated blogger must:

• Thank the person who nominated them

• Answer the 11 questions asked

• Tag 11 bloggers

• Pass on a set of 11 questions for them to answer. Simples!

Here are my answers

Tell me your three desert island beauty products?

Hmmm that’s a difficult one as there are so many products my face and body needs. Unfortunately I’m not blessed with natural flawless good looks. I would settle for glowing skin but a girl can only dream. I suppose if I had to wiggle it down to just three beauty products it would have to be the renaissance cleanser from Oskia skincare, pestle and mortars hylauronic acid serum and agh I’m tied between tom ford soleil blanc perfume and tom ford sheer lipstick in Paradiso.

Oskia cleanser, Pestle & Mortar serum, Tom Ford lipstick and Tom Ford perfume.

Tea or coffee?

As much as I like to treat myself to a nice creamy latte, I don’t think coffee likes my tummy too much so I would have to say tea. I just love when you get that perfect cup of tea and wish it never ended. It also goes amazingly with a nice biscuit or two, or three …

Favourite current song?

That’s easy it’s Katy Perry’s new song, chained to the rhythm. It’s such a happy feel good summer song.

What have you learned from blogging?

I suppose the most obvious thing I’ve learnt is it’s not as easy as it looks. It requires a lot of time and dedication. The most valuable thing I have learned is even though I’m feeling quite alone and isolated battling this illness, I’ve got to know some truly amazing people online who really help me through it. This mix of people are from all backgrounds. Some are bloggers, some companies and others are my beautiful loyal followers.  I’m happy to admit that some of these people have now become quite good friends and I’d feel lost without them.

What’s the one quote you live your life by?

I suppose two quotes really spring to mind especially with everything I’ve been through these past couple of years. One is “that things no matter how bad they seem happen for a reason”. Whether it’s to guide you down a better path in life or to make you stop and take stock of what is really important. The other quote which I hold dearly is a personal quote of mine and is also my blog mantra, “even through illness beauty remains”. Beauty is so much more than what is seen on the surface. True beauty comes from within.

Favourite budget brand?

Skincare wise, you can’t really go wrong with La Roche Posay or some products from Lush. Makeup wise, makeup geek eyeshadows are amazing. They are so pigmented and great value for money.

What’s your favourite flower?

I’m not going to lie this is a tough one to answer. I think all flowers are beautiful especially the pink and purple varieties. The sheer colour alone can brighten your mood immensely. Something that is on my bucket list is to travel to Japan to see all the beautiful cherry blossom trees in full bloom. I have also heard there are some spectacular cherry blossom trees in Washington, like the picture below. I am a big fan of trees and I especially love the delicate pink flowering buds of the cherry blossom tree. I even enjoy walking through the beautiful blanket of light pink coloured petals that fall to the ground.

Cherry blossom trees*

If you could live anywhere in the world where would you chose?

That’s another tough one, thanks Joanne 😂. Ireland can be breathtakingly beautiful when the sun shines and sometimes I think there is no where I’d rather be. Having said that I don’t enjoy the cold, wet or dark winter days so I would love to live in a warmer, sunnier and brighter climate. Where that may be I’m not quite sure yet. To be honest I’m not sure where I will settle. Everything is kind of up in the air at the minute, which is both exciting and nerve-wracking at the same time.

How would you spend your most perfect day?

Firstly I would wake up feeling completely refreshed and cured of all my ails. Obviously on this perfect day the sun will be shining and it will be warm outside. I would go out for a lovely lazy breckie or brunch with Kev but have no real plans just kind of go with the flow. I miss being random and just seeing what happens. The thoughts of a lovely picnic somewhere by the sea would be lovely. I think just really spending quality time with Kev to laugh and smile and to have no distractions not even our mobile phones is something we both need. I think you would have to incorporate something into it to please your inner child and to do something completely out of your comfort zone whether that’s trying a new cuisine or popping in the car to go explore somewhere you’ve never been before. Basically to reconnect like loved up teens only having eyes for each other where nothing in the world matters bar being in each others arms. A sunny day spent together exploring west cork or Kerry would be perfect.

What’s your favourite perfume?

Tom Ford soleil blanc. It is the scent of a warm sunny evening spent on a tropical beach, wading through the lukewarm sea water, feeling sand between your toes whilst also being serenaded by birds tweeting and the sound of waves lapping the shore. To me it’s all of the good things about holidays in a bottle.

Tell us one of your bad habits?

Me? Bad habits? Lol. Well currently, one of my bad habits is linked to my incredibly crispy shedding scalp. I have turned into a human snow globe. So much so that wherever I lay my head aka on a pillow/general bed related area, I leave ahem a light dusting behind me. I am the type of person that can’t relax or sleep if there is even the hint of a crumb in the bed so this crispyness is my idea of torture. It irritates me so much that I have to clean down the bed multiple times during the night hence wrecking Kev’s head in the process. So when I asked him to name one of my bad habits he instantly mentioned this. Ha ha!

The bloggers I nominate are:

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Their 11 questions are:

1. What is your favourite lipstick?

2. Who was the first blogger you followed?

3. What does blogging mean to you?

4. How did you come up with your blog name?

5. What shoe size are you?

6. What is your favourite feature about yourself?

7. What is your favourite thing to do to relax?

8. Who is the one famous person that you would like to meet?

9. What is your biggest luxury?

10. What is your biggest achievement?

11. What is your dream/ultimate goal?

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