Anti-Dandruff Shampoo and Conditioner

Hello again, my first two posts seem to have gone down pretty well so I guess you are going to be stuck with my musings and ramblings for the foreseeable future. Well on manly Monday’s anyway. Apologies for the delay in getting this post up, let’s just pretend it’s a Monday. In the last post, I dealt with moisturising cream, this time I’ll be discussing some products for the hair and scalp.

For some strange reason a couple of months back my scalp got horrendously dry and itchy. I had never had this issue before, even whilst on roaccutane. Even the temperamental hormonal years didn’t affect my scalp so I was perplexed as to why all of a sudden it decided to act up. I also tend to wear a lot of black and dark coloured clothes, so the flaking and dandruff was extremely noticeable.

Instead of heading down to the local supermarket in search of some head and shoulders, I decided to have a secret rummage through Avril’s stash of hair care goodies. SHHHHHHH!! I had just attended a blogger event organised by the Irish Bloggers Association a few days previously with herself. I had sat dutifully at the bar, drink in one hand, phone in the other, as wifey mingled with companies and other bloggers. After some time she appeared back and plonked some products called Mane n Tail in front of me. It was the anti-dandruff version of these products that stood out to me from the stash. I looked pensively at the big bottle, studying the label which had silhouettes of horses on it and thought feck it, if this stuff was good enough for horses flowing locks it’s good enough for me.


Next I had a dig around for some conditioner. I had been chastised by my barber for not conditioning my hair.  Supposedly, it’s not the best idea in the world to just use the same hair and body shower gel, who would have thought! Choosing a conditioner was tough. So many options. I sniffed my way through a few possible contenders. The conditioner that eventually caught my eye and nose was a small sample sized bottle called Sebastian Pentrait and had actually, so I was later informed, been a part of that month’s look fantastic box. Don’t get me started on those monthly beauty boxes.


So later that evening I headed off to the shower with my secret stash of hair care products hidden under a towel. Lather, rinse, repeat the shampoo bottle instructed and I dutifully obeyed. I had been told by the barber it was important to shampoo twice. The first gets rid of the gel and gunk and the second is actually the important part that gets down to business and sorts out the scalp. Review wise, the shampoo was as you would expect, shampooy!!, smelled pleasant and lathered up nicely. The bottle is quite large and lasts a long time. It is priced at a modest €13.99 and available to purchase in most pharmacies.
Up next was the small grey bottle of conditioner. This was a revelation; it smelled really nice, not too girly and left my hair feeling ridiculously soft and looking shiny. I was so impressed with it that I had to confess to Avril that I had “borrowed” it. She popped online and ordered me a full-sized bottle from It cost €23.95, which is quite expensive but the bottle lasts months.
I continued using both of these products for the next few months and my hair was left in the best condition it had ever been. The dry scalp and dandruff issues are now completely gone. I would highly recommend trying out these two products as they have worked wonders for me. I’m happy to award them both the maler shade of beauty seal of approval. Happy hair washing.
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