A Maler Shade Of Beauty

Hello and welcome to the more manly side of A Paler Shade of Beauty or as I like to call it, Maler Shade of Beauty! See what we did there!! My name is Kevin and I am Avril’s husband. She has mentioned me a couple of times on her blog, so I have decided to step out   of the shadows and write a few posts, hopefully this will be once a month and intersperse her more regular fantastic reviews.

So a bit about me, similar to my wife, I am a scientist (physics and engineering to her biology), in my early thirties and work as a post-doctoral researcher in a university here in Dublin. We met in college, have been together 10 years, married for 4 and have a fantastic little dog called Plec. Like all couples, we have had our share of up’s and downs and have been through a hell of a lot together. This however has made us stronger as a couple than both of us ever thought possible. From reading her blog, you will have realised what a loving and caring person Avril is and setting up the blog was not only a means to keep herself mentally occupied while she has been off sick, but also to act as a place of support for others going through illness (mental and physical) and as a receptacle of beauty related knowledge. I couldn’t be prouder of her and all the emails of support from her “lovelies” really hits home at what a wonderful welcoming place her social media and blog pages are. Well done all of you and continue being so supportive of one another. While she might not be feeling the best all of the time (she feels bad not being able to post reviews as often as she would like), she loves nothing more than putting a smile on people’s faces by giving away her beauty hampers. A lot of the products that go into these are purchased by ourselves, but she also works hard to engage with companies so that her lovelies get to try out new products.

Right that’s enough about her ;), with this section of my wife’s blog (crap can’t get away from mentioning her), I just hope to add a different perspective and give my opinion on certain products that I use. While there are a few males floating around the different platforms, a lot of you will have male partners or members of your family and you might pick up some ideas for gifts etc. A quick bit about me, I am just a normal bloke (no fake tan, manscara or waxing here!!), bit of a beer belly (working on that), like gaming (big kid at heart) and I can vehemently say that up until recently I generally would not have known the difference between face cream “a” or body lotion “b”. So really on one side my posts will be a males first foray and bemused perspective into the world of beauty products.

On the other side I will also be posting about illness as is the mantra of the blog “even through illness beauty remains”. I am of the view that nobody is perfect and if they say they are, they are a liar. Everybody has some imperfections and it is these that make everybody unique. I myself am nowhere near perfect; I suffered severely from acne when I was younger which really damaged my self-confidence. Still to this day I can be quite shy and reserved in new social situations. I also suffer from a dermatological condition called Keloid Scaring which I plan to write about in future posts. This is a condition in which my body does not know when to stop healing itself and has left my chest, back and shoulders covered in raised, sore and itchy lumps. These will be posts not looking for sympathy but more so reflecting on my experiences through both my own and my wife’s illnesses.

Finally, I hope you like reading my posts, if not that’s no problem, I will fade into the background of A Paler Shade of Beauty into a sea of makeup brushes, bronzer, fake tan, organic skincare and nail polishes. If you ever feel like contacting me please feel free to email me at amalershadeofbeauty@gmail.com





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